Massachusetts Wind Working Group

For 10 years, from 2005 to 2015, The Massachusetts Wind Working Group (MWWG) provided a forum for wind energy stakeholders to promote smart and successful wind energy development in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Specifically, the MWWG aimed to:

  • Identify barriers and opportunities related to the development of wind energy
  • Create solutions to industry challenges
  • Promote public understanding of modern wind power and its benefits and impacts
  • Provide a forum for discussion about best practices and other relevant topics for the industry
  • Provide an opportunity for wind energy stakeholders to collaborate on important issues
  • Create connections between wind energy and other sectors to foster job creation and economic development in Massachusetts
Touring Wind Turbine MWWG

MWWG tours the 600kW wind turbine at Holy Name High School in Worcester, MA.

The MWWG was a diverse group of wind energy stakeholders including developers; environmental groups; federal, state, and local officials; academic institutions; utility representatives; lawyers; advocacy groups; turbine manufacturers; and farming and rural interests. It was open to any interested parties that supported the group's mission. The MWWG was committed to small scale (residential/farm), community scale, and commercial scale wind energy development.

The MWWG was funded by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and managed by the University of Massachusetts Amherst's Wind Energy Center. It was guided by a volunteer planning committee and held quarterly meetings to present and discuss relevant topics. The MWWG also regularly updated stakeholders on important issues, events, and developments through its active email listserve.

Founded in 2005, the MWWG originally received funding from the US Department of Energy's Wind Powering America (WPA) program, which has supported over thirty Wind Working Groups around the country. WPA offers a State Wind Working Group Handbook as a resource for all Wind Working Groups.