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Minor in WGSS

Adding a WGSS Minor

Meet with the WGSS undergraduate advisor, and give your information (name, SPIRE ID, email  etc.).  The advisor will add the minor on SPIRE and assign you a faculty advisor.  Welcome!

Minor Requirements

  • WGSS 201 Gender and Difference Critical Analyses (offered every semester)
  • At minimum one additional class from the WGSS department of at least 3 credits, 200 level or above
  • 18 total credits in Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies 
  • A cumulative average of 2.0 in Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies courses.

The elective credits can be earned in any one of the following ways:

  • Courses offered through the Department of Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies at UMass Amherst.
  • Courses offered in other departments or at the other colleges listed as Departmental Courses in the Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies Course Offerings guide (published each semester).
  • Courses listed as Component Courses in the Course Offerings guide. Component courses count towards the minor if at least 1/3-1/2 of the work for the course is on women, gender or sexuality studies AND the student focuses their work on WGSS topics.  If it is not possible to adapt coursework to focus on women, gender, sexuality studies-related themes and issues, the student is encouraged to meet with the faculty member offering the class to devise a WGSS related paper topic.  If that is not possible the class cannot be counted.  In the case of a component course, the student is responsible for documenting that the work done for the course is sufficient to grant Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies credit.  Under most circumstances, informing the WGSS undergraduate advisor of paper topics in component classes constitutes documentation. Note: If the course has exams only or insufficient course materials it cannot be a component course.
  • If you've taken a course that isn't listed in the guide and may apply to your minor, or if you want to waive a requirement, fill out this course inclusion form  
  • Independent Work:  Up to 6 credits of independent study, field work, and practicum credits related to women, gender or sexuality studies may count towards the Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies minor

You will be assigned a faculty advisor.  We strongly suggest that there be at least one meeting between you and your faculty advisor.  Be certain to check in periodically with the WGSS undergraduate advisor to check your minor requirements.

Student Involvement in the Program

The Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies Program is always open to student suggestions. The Executive Committee, the decision-making body of the department, includes student representatives. Students are welcome to contact the department and discuss their ideas and offer input.