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Examples of Focused WGSS Majors

This list provides examples of focused WGSS majors.    This is not a list to choose from, these are examples to inspire you!  If you have an idea for a focus, speak with the undergraduate advisor or your faculty mentor.


  • Women and Health
  • Gender and Health Care
  • Biology of Difference
  • Eating Disorders
  • Women and Psychology
  • Social Work:  Families and Children
  • Women's Health, Nutrition, Diet and Physical Fitness
  • Psychology, Dance and Women
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Psychology
  • Women in the Health Care System
  • Women's Health Education
  • Gender and Science
  • Women's Reproductive Freedom
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Women's Studies: Sexuality Education and Counseling
  • Gender and Sports
  • Women's Sexuality
  • Health and Healing
  • Reproductive Rights and Birthing Practices
  • Feminist Therapy and Counseling
  • Women's Health Care through a Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • Women's Health Issues and Sexuality
  • Sexuality Studies

Race, Gender, Sexuality

  • Cross Cultural Feminism
  • Radical History: The Impact of Race, Sex and Class in American History
  • The Construction of White Privilege
  • Women's Studies and Racism
  • Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Women's Studies and Anti-Racist Work
  • The Construction of White Privilege
  • Race/Class/Gender/Culture in Society
  • Race Relations within & outside Feminist Discourse
  • Latin American Women
  • Race Relations between Women
  • The Intersection of race, class, gender and sexual orientation
  • Latin American, Native American, African Americam Feminisms

Theory/Queer Theory/Disciplinary Pursuits

    • Social Theory and Women's Studies
    • Queer Studies
    • Queer Theory and Non-binary Gender Identities
    • Women of Color Studies
    • Feminism and Philosophy
    • Women's Studies and Political Science
    • Women in Cross-Cultural Gender Roles
    • Sexuality in History
    • Social Construction of Gender and Sexuality
    • Women and Labor Relations
    • Social Construction of Gender and Sexuality
    • Feminist Anthropology
    • Women and Political Economy
    • Queer Theory

    Domestic Violence/Law/Policy

        • Women and the Law
        • Domestic Violence
        • Women in the Criminal Justice System
        • Law and Third World Women
        • Women and Politics: A Study of Women and Power
        • Transcending Victimization: Envisioning Women's Empowerment
        • Law and Women of Color
        • Policy:  Domestic Violence and Welfare
        • Legal Studies and Politics


              • Ecofeminism
              • Sustainability
              • Women and Environmental Health



                    • Women and Religion
                    • Women's Spirituality and Performances in Social Change Activism
                    • Women, Peace and Militarism
                    • Women's Roles in Culture/Mythology/

                    Politics and Organizing

                    • Women and Labor Organizing
                    • Community and Grassroots Organizing
                    • Race, Class and Gender in Reproductive Politics and Justice in the U.S.
                    • Women in Poverty: A Historical Perspective
                    • Effects of Poverty on Young Women
                    • Ecofeminism
                    • Women and Social Justice
                    • Women in U.S. Politics


                    • Women and Art
                    • Activism and Performance
                    • Media, Theater and Social Norms
                    • Women in the Arts
                    • Poetry and Feminist Studies
                    • Women in the Arts and Business
                    • Combining Photography and Writing to Document Burdens of Women
                    • Social Construction of Identity through Activism, Narrative and Teaching
                    • Women and Media Representation
                    • Women in Fashion and the Media
                    • Cultural Impact of Media Representations
                    • Women's Self Expression in Political Context
                    • Literature, Writing and Psychology
                    • Creative Writing as Resistance to Male Sexual Violence
                    • Feminist Writing and Criticism
                    • Women and Journalism
                    • Activism through writing oral narratives and histories
                    • Women's Literature
                    • Women' Studies and Romance Languages
                    • Women and Classics
                    • Feminist Literary Theory
                    • Women's Roles in Culture/Mythology/Folklore
                    • Women and Language


                    • Feminist Pedagogy
                    • Pedagogy, Educational Outreach, Advocavy
                    • Women in Poverty: A Historical Perspective
                    • Early Childhood Education
                    • Sex, Race and Class:  Methods for Teaching Education
                    • Multi-Cultural Teaching
                    • Elementary Education
                    • Education and Social Justice