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Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

Amherst College
Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies
Amrita Basu, Chair

Stephanie Orion, Academic Department Coordinator
14 Grosvenor House, Box 2257
Fax 413-542-8192

Mount Holyoke College
Gender Studies Program
Kimberly Juanita Brown, Chair

Bridget Barrett, Administrative Support
109 Shattuck Hall

Hampshire College
Feminist Studies Program
Margaret Cerullo
215 Franklin Patterson Hall

Queer/Women's Services
Emily Rimmer, Director

Smith College
Program for the Study of Women and Gender
Carrie Baker, Chair
Lorraine Hedger, Administrative Coordinator
Seelye Hall 207b

Please contact the faculty member’s department or program at each of the colleges or UMass for up-to-date information on faculty leaves, schedules and phone numbers.  If you want to be listed on this page, send an email to with your teaching/research interests.

Amherst College

Carol Bailey

Women writers of the African Disapora

Amrita Basu
Political Science

Women in India; women and social change

Dante Brown
Visiting Artist-in-Residence/Theatre and Dance

Dance, Image and Representation

Ana Candida Carniero

Feminsit approaches to theater and performance

Sony Caronez Bolton

Race, Gender and Sexuality in Transnational Perspective

Aneeka Henderson

African American women’s literature

Jennifer Hamilton Feminist Ethnography/Feminist Theory

Jallicia Jolly
American Studies/Black Studies

Black women and reproductive justice in the African diaspora

Manuela Picq
Political Science

Gender and the environment; political economy of gender in Latin America

Jen Manion

History of sexuality in the U.S.

Susan Niditch

women in Judaism

Khary Polk

Black studies; gender in the U.S. military

Monique Roelofs
Political Science

Politics of Race and Gender

Jutta Sperling

Renaissance Bodies

Krupa Shandilya

Postcolonial literature and theory, feminist theory, South Asian literature and cinema

Natasha Staller
History of Art/European Studies


Hampshire College

Tara Bynum
African American Literature and Culture

blackness as a racial identity, as a cultural category, or as a mark upon the skin

Margaret Cerullo

Feminist theory; queer theory; sociology of culture; social movements

Stephen Dillon
Queer Studies

Queer studies, race and white supremacy, critical prison studies, transgender studies, American studies, critical theory, and feminist studies

Marlene Gerber Fried
Philosophy/Faculty Director of CLPP

Abortion rights and access; reproductive and sexual rights and health; legal theory

Jennifer Hamilton
Legal Studies/Anthropology

social studies of law, science, and biomedicine, theories of culture and identity, and critical race and gender studies

Lili Kim
History and Global Migrations

 (im)migration, critical race and ethnicity, gender, imperialism, empire, feminism, Korean-American history, and Asian-American studies

Susana Loza
Critical race, gender and media studies

social construction of race and sex in speculative media; power, privilege, and cultural appropriation; gender and ethnic performativity in digital spaces; the politics of sampling and remixing; colonial cosplay in steampunk; the activist potential of social media; and the post-racial turn in popular culture

Kristen Luschen
Education Studies

sociology of education, qualitative and feminist methodology, gender studies, and cultural studies of education

Tammy Owens
Diasporic Youth Cultures

Black Feminism, Critical Race Theory, Queer of Color Theories, children and youth of color histories, youth activism and education, and African American Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Lynda Pickbourn

Economic Development and Feminist Economics, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa

Monique Roelofs

aesthetics and feminist, critical race, postcolonial, and political theory

Lise Sanders


Jutta Sperling


Pamela Stone


Mount Holyoke College

Sarah Bacon
Biological Sciences

fertility and miscarriage

Mara Benjamin
Chair of Jewish Studies

gender and religion

Kimberly Juanita Brown
English and Africana Studies/Chair of Gender Studies

the visual as a wway to negotiate the parameters of race, gender and belonging

Iyko Day

race, capitalism, settler colonialism and Asian American literature and visual culture

Christian Gundermann

Queer theory

Ren-Yo Hwang queer- and transgender-of-color critique, feminist-of-color anti-violence initiatives and genealogies, abolition, transformative justice and community accountability

Jacquelyne Luce

Feminist health politics

Lynn Morgan
Chair of Sociology and Anthropology

medical anthropologist and feminist science studies

Susanne Mrozik
Chair of Religion

Buddhist Studies with a focus on ethics and gender

Karen Remmler

Gender, memory and space; contemporary German and Austrian women writers

Mary Renda 20th-century U.S. women's history; gender and imperialism

Vanessa Rosa
Latina/o Studies

study of race an ethnicity, citizenship and national identities, and social stratification in cities

Kate Singer
English/Chair of Critical Social Thought

British Romanticism; eighteenth- and nineteenth- century women’s writing; poetics; critical theory; digital humanities

Eleanor Townsley

Sociology of gender; family sociology; sociology of intellectuals; history of sociology; classes and elites in comparative perspectives

Angela Willey

Feminist science studies; history of race, gender, and sexuality in science; cultural studies; sexuality; monogamy

Smith College

Kelly Anderson
Lecturer in Archives/History

women and social change, the history of sexuality, feminisms and oral history

Elizabeth Armstrong

Women's activism; Transnational feminism; NGOs

Carrie Baker

Gender and law; Sexual harassment; Sex trafficking

Payal Banjerjee
Department Chair Sociology

globalization, migration and the centrality of state policies in sculpting the structures of displacement and labor incorporation

Darcy Buerkle

Modern European women's and gender history with an emphasis on German and German Jewish women's intellectual and cultural history

Ginetta Candelario

Race, Feminsim and Transnationalism

Jennifer Declue

queer theory, black feminism, visual culture, diasporic loss, histories of segregation and miscegenation in the United States, the afterlife of chattel slavery, and the construction, production and reproduction of blackness

Randi Garcia
Psychology/Statistical & Data Sciences

interpersonal interactions and relationships among people with different social group identities in various contexts

Jennifer Guglielmo

histories of labor, race, women, migration, transnational cultures and activisms, and revolutionary social movements in the late 19th- and 20th-century United States

Ambreen Hai
English Language and Literature

Postcolonial women writers and film-makers from South Asia

Laura Katz
Elsie Damon Simonds Professor of Biological Sciences

eukaryotic evolution through phylogenetic reconstruction, community sampling and analyses of genome evolution

Alexandra Keller
Film and Media Studies


Jina B. Kim
English Language and Literature

feminist disability studies, women-of-color feminisms/queer-of-color critique and contemporary ethnic U.S. literatures with an emphasis on feminist-of-color writing and cultural expression post-1968

Kimberly Kono

Constructions of gender in Modern Japanese women's writing; Feminine literary tradition of pre-modern Japan

Daphne Lamothe
Africana Studies

literary and cultural representations of black consciousness formed by migratory and transnational experiences

Mehammed Mack
French Studies

contemporary immigration to France, gender and sexuality, diversity in the banlieues, and the relation between culture and politics

Cornelia Pearsall

Victorian Sexualities

Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor

19th-century U.S. history and race


Arlene Avakian (Emerita)

Culture and feminism; Ethnic women

Cameron Awkward-Rich Trans/feminist/queer theory and methods; disability studies; contemporary American literature; and creative writing

Kiran Asher

Gendered and raced dimensions of social and environmental change in the global south, Postcolonial feminist marxist critiques of development, Political economy of environmental conservation

Laura Briggs

Studies of U.S. empire; US women's history; politics of reproduction; gender and science; US and Latin America

Alexandrina Deschamps

Third World and global women's issues, development alternatives - theory and practice, Feminist pedagogies, Black Feminist theory

Ann Ferguson (Emerita)

Ethics; Feminist theory, race, Gender and class, Foucault, Sexuality

Miliann Kang

Asian American women's work; gender and immigration; feminist research methods; race, gender and class intersections

Karen Lederer

Career and life choices for women

Kirsten Leng History of gender and sexuality; History of sexual science; History of feminism; Modern European history; feminist theory; Sexuality studies
Fumi Okiji Black feminist poethics, German critical theory, black expressive culture, black feminist theory
Svati Shah Political economy of migration, Sex work, Development, and urbanization in South Asia and South Asian diaspora
Banu Subramaniam Race, gender and science
Angela Willey Feminist science studies; History of race, Gender, and sexuality in science; Cultural studies; Sexuality; Monogamy