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Public Health

Hampshire College


Elizabeth Conlisk

infant mortality, breast and cervical cancer, osteoporosis and pharmaceutical access for the elderly

Pamela Stone
Director of Culture, Brain and Development Program
women's health in the past and present, across the globe


Mount Holyoke College

Sarah Bacon

mother and fetus during pregnancy; fertility and miscarriage


Smith College

Leslie Jaffee

women's medical issues



Laura Attanasio
Health Policy and Management
Maternal health; women’s reproductive health; health equity; patient-provider relationship
Andrea Ayvazian
Community Health Education
community health education in vulnerable populations; community-engaged research to reduce health disparities; learner-centered curriculum design and teaching; women’s reproductive health; and global health

Lisa Chasan-Taber

physical activity epidemiology; reproductive & perinatal epidemiology; gestational diabetes mellitus; Hispanic women

Gloria DiFulvio
Community Health Education
LGBT Health
Louis Graham
Community Health Education

Health inequities; CBPR; Psychosocial health; LGBT health; Cultural studies

Aline Gubrium 
Program Head, Community Health Education

sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice; participatory digital, visual, and narrative research methodologies; holistic and culture-centered approaches to health promotion; substance use and abuse

Susan Shaw
Community Health Education

health disparities, community-based research, health literacy, race/ethnicity, gender

Melody Shashinski
Community Health Education

Child mental health and mental health services delivery; mass incarceration; public health ethics; public health and community genomics; narrative, ethnographic, community-engaged, and visual research/methods