The University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Amherst College

Elizabeth Aries 

interaction patterns and conversation content in single-sex and mixed-sex groups; sexdifferences in the development of a separate sense of self and in the mother/child relationship


Hampshire College

Kristen Luschen 
Dean of Multicultural Education and Inclusion, Professor of Education Studies

adolescent female sexuality; popular culture; power, policy and practice in American schools

Lourdes Mattei 

psychoanalytic theory and practice, child development, cross-cultural psychology, women's studies, theater, and Puerto Rican culture

Annie Rogers 

psychological development of girls, moral development in both genders, trauma and development in girls


Mount Holyoke College

Corey Flanders
Psychology and Education
identity and health equity, particularly as they relate to the experiences of queer and trans people

Gail Hornstein 

gender and science; psychoanalytic theory; history of 20th-century psychology and psychiatry


Smith College

Lauren Duncan 

psychology and gender

Randi Garcia interpersonal interactions and relationships among people with different social group identities in various contexts
Benita Jackson health behaviors and sub-clinical disease markers



John Bickford 

psychology of the lesbian, gay, bisexual experience

Tara Mandalaywala Development of social cognition across human and nonhuman primates; cognitive bias; intergroup relations; race, gender, social status; stress and resilience

Maureen Perry-Jenkins 

family studies; child development

Sally Powers (emerita)

gender issues in adolescent development