The University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Latinx and Latin American Studies

Amherst College

C. Rhonda Cobhan-Sander
Black Studies/English
Caribbean and African literature
Javier Corrales
Poltical Science
LGBT rights and how they are spreading unevenly throughout Latin America
Manuela Picq
Political Science/Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies
Indigenous politics and sexuality in world politics and Latin America

Leah Schmalzbauer
Anthropology and Sociology/American Studies

contemporary globalization, labor migration between the United States and Latin America, and the ways in which social inequalities influence the experiences of childhood and adolesence in the U.S.

Hampshire College

Margaret Cerullo
social and political theory, including feminist theory and queer theory, sociology of culture, and social movements
Susana Loza
Critical Race, Gender and Media Studies
construction of race and sex in speculative media; power, privilege and cultural appropriation; gender and ethnic performativity in digital spaces; the politics of sampling and remixing; colonial cosplay in steampunk; the activist potential of social media; and the post-racial turn in popular culture

Mount Holyoke College

Cora Fernandez Anderson

Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics, Social Movements, Reproductive Rights, Human Rights, Southern Cone

Dorothy Mosby

contemporary black writing from Costa Rica

Nieves Romero-Diaz
Chair of Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies; Chair of Romance Languages and Cultures; Spanish

gender and race in Early Modern Spain
Vanessa Rosa
Latina/o Studies
the study of race and ethnicity, citizenship and national identities, and social stratification in cities

Smith College

Ginetta Candelario

Dominican history and society, with a focus on national identity formation and women’s history; Blackness in the Americas; Latin American, Caribbean and Latina feminisms; Latina/o communities (particularly Cuban, Dominican and Puerto Rican); U.S. beauty culture; and museum studies

Velma Garcia-Gorena

Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics, the U.S./Mexico Border, and Latinos and Immigration in the U.S.

Michelle Joffroy 

gender, ethnicity and representation at the intersection of cultural production and transnational social movements

Diana Carolina Becerra
histories of women and gender in Latin America, with a particular focus on social movements and revolutions; feminism, labor and armed movements, collective memory, neoliberalism and nationalism
Maria Estela Harretche
women's activism and social justice in Latin America through art; performance studies

Nancy Sorporta Sternbach 

Latina and Latin-American women writers



Joselyn Almeida-Beveridge
British Romanticism and globalization, Atlantic studies with a focus on England, Latin America, and Africa, representations of piracy and mutiny and slavery, gender and abolition, and Latino Literature

Sonia Alvarez

the articulation of race and anti-racist politics among feminist movements in Brazil

Kiran Asher
Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
gendered and raced dimensions of social and environmental change in the global south
Laura Briggs
Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
history of reproductive politics and U.S. empire
Marta Calas
Gender and Feminist Theorizing in Organization Studies; Perspectives on Globalization, Critical Entrepreneurship and Sustainability; Contemporary Social Theory and Cultural Studies
Julio Capo
modern U.S. history and the world with an emphasis on the Caribbean and Latin America; gender and sexuality intersects and coalesces with constructions of ethnicity, race, class, nation, age, and ability
Ellen Pader
Regional Planning
cultural, social, and political facets of housing policy and design, with particular focus on subtle forms of housing discrimination
Priscilla Page
Latina/o Theater and Contemporary Native American Performance
Millie Thayer
Gender/Feminist Theory, Political Sociology, Social Movements, Development and Globalization, Latin American Politics, Transnational Feminisms, Ethnographic Methods
Jacqueline Urla
ethnography of resistance, gender and sexual politics, cultural activism, critical post-structuralism, technologies of knowledge and power, and minority languages
Ximena Zuniga
Social Justice Education; Student Development in Social Justice and Diversity Education; Multicultural Group Processes; Inter-Group Dialogue and Relations in College Campuses; and Action Research