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Amherst College

Sean Redding 

African history; women in South Africa

April Trask modern German and European history

Hampshire College

Amy Jordan 

African-American history; African-American women's history; social movement history, and social welfare history/theory

Lili M. Kim 

Modern U.S. history; Asian American women; feminist history; women of color and labor issues

Uditi Sen gendered nature of governance and the complex relationship between displacement and development

Jutta Sperling

social and cultural history of early modern Europe, with a special emphasis on women and gender

Mount Holyoke College

Mary Renda 

20th-century U.S. women's history; gender and imperialism

Smith College

Kelly Anderson
Study of Women and Gender
women and social change, the history of sexuality, feminisms and oral history

Marnie Anderson

East Asian women's history and gender history, especially Japan

Diana Carolina Sierra Becerra histories of women and gender in Latin America; social movements and revolution; feminism, labor and armed movements, collective memory, neoliberalism and nationalism

Ernest Benz

European women's history

Darcy Buerkle 

women in modern Europe

Jennifer Guglielmo 

U.S. women's history; labor, race, ethnicity, migration, radicalism

Jennifer Hall-Witt 18th- and 19th-century Britain; gender history; the history of the arts and political culture

Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor

intersections of race, gender and citizenship before the Civil War


Joye Bowman  women in African history
Julio Capo modern U.S. history and the world with an emphasis on the Caribbean and Latin America, and how gender and sexuality have historically intersected and coalesced with constructions of ethnicity, race, class, nation, age, and ability

Richard T. Chu 

Asian/Pacific/American History; U.S. and Pacific Empires in the 19th and 20th centuries; Chinese Diasporic History; Philippine Colonial History

Jennifer Heuer 

Modern European women's and gender history

Barbara Krauthamer
Dean of the Graduate School
critical race and gender theory

Laura Lovett

US women's history; history of sexuality; race and culture in the US; modern US and envrionmental history

Marla Miller 

women's history;public history; early American history

Alice Nash 

Native American women and gender issues

Jennifer Nye
Co-chair of the Five College Certitifcate in Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice
Feminist jurisprudence; LGBT rights law; Disability rights law; Domestic violence law; Reproductive rights law; Poverty law/public interest law

Brian Ogilvie

Women, Science, and Medicine; Women's education; Demographic and Family History

Larry Owens 

history of technology

Elizabeth Sharrow
Political Science
History of Public Policy; United States Political History; Politics of Gender, Race, and Class
Priyanka Srivastava
History of South Asia; History of Women and Gender; Subaltern Studies; Colonial and Nationalism in Modern South Asia
History of Labor, Class, and Urbanism; History of Cinema and Empire