The University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Government/Political Science/Politics/Law

Amherst College

Amrita Basu
Political Science/Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies

feminist theory and political science; domestic violence

Kristin Bumiller 
Political Science

women in India; women and social change

Manuela Picq
Political Science/Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies
 Indigenous politics and sexuality in world politics and Latin America


Hampshire College

Kay Johnson 
Asian Studies

omen, development and population policy

Mount Holyoke College (Politics)

Cora Fernandez Anderson
social mobilization as a possible path towards social change; Latin American politics, theories of social movements, human rights movements and sexual and reproductive rights in Latin America

Elizabeth K. Markovits

ancient political thought, Plato, ancient tragedy, feminist and democratic theory, politics & economy of motherhood

Smith College (Government)

Velma Garcia 

women in Mexican politics; Latinos/Latinas in U.S. politics

Alice Hearst

feminist jurisprudence; family law

Gary Lehring 

politics and queer theory, gay activism


Sonia Alvarez 
Latin American Politics and Society/Director,Center for Latin American, Carbbean and Latino Studies

women's movements in transition politics; feminist studies

Maryann Barakso
Political Science

women and politics

Brenda Bushouse
Political Science

family policy; welfare issues

Charli Carpenter
Political Science

gender and political violence 

Barbara Cruikshank
Political Science

feminist theory and politics

Diane Curtis
Pre-law Advising
Constitutional, Family and Privacy Law, as well as Legal Education

Carlene Edie
Political Science

government and politics of East Africa and the Carribean

Jane Fountain
Chair of Political Science

gender, race and ethnicity in the context of social and political inequalities

Rebecca Hamlin
Legal Studies
law and immigration politics

Dean Robinson
Political Science

Afro-American political thought and American political thought

Jamie Rowen
Legal Studies
focuses on law and society, transitional justice, international criminal law, social movements, and international and comparative methods
Elizabeth Sharrow
Political Science/History
gender, race, sexuality, and class in U.S. politics
Lisa Solowiej
Political Science
race, gender, and ethnicity in American law and politics

Leah Wing 
Legal Studies

intersections between oppression, diversity and conflit resolution