The University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Communication (Film, Media Studies)

Amherst College

Deborah Gewertz
Anthropology/Film and Media Studies

Feminist Anthropology

Amelie Hastie
English in Film and Media Studies/Chair of Film and Media Studies

Film and media

Hampshire College

Kara Lynch 
Video and Critical Studies

cross-cultural study of women and the family with a specialization in China;women development and population policy 

Patricia Montoya
Assistant Professor of Video and Film

migration, memory, and identity through lyrical explorations of text, dialogue, theatrical adaptations, and the depiction of intimate human relations within the context of urban landscapes

Lise Shapiro Sanders
English Literature and Cultural Studies

19th- and 20th-century British literature and culture, feminist theory, women's social history, film studies and early film history, and mass culture


Mount Holyoke College

Robin Blaetz
Chair of Film Studies

avant-gard filmmakers; femnist film theory; representation of women in film

Elizabeth Young

feminist theory; American women writers; American Studies; visual culture


Smith College

Anaiis Cisco
Assistant Professor Film and Media Studies

underrepresented racial, ethnic, queer and gendered identities

Alexandra Keller
Film and Media Studies

American western; cinema and post-modern, avant-gard and experimental film

Jennifer Malkowski
Film and Media Studies

digital media (especially video games, Internet video, digital cinema and social media); documentary; death and dying; and race, gender and sexuality in media



Seyram Avle
Department of Communication

digital technology cultures and innovation in the global south

Mari Castaneda
Department of Communication (Dean of Honors College, Fall 2020)

digital media and telecommunication policy, Latina/ethnic media studies, and global communications

Anne Ciecko 
Interdepartmental Program in Film Studies and Coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Film Studies

Women filmakers in Asian Cinema and Asian women artists

Leda Cooks

the performances and spaces in which bodies are identified and legislated as raced, gendered, classed

Martha Fuentes-Batista
Department of Communication

digital inequalities, media and Internet governance, and the role of media advocacy networks and media activism in shaping digital inclusion and media policy in the U.S. and Latin America

Henry Geddes
Graduate Program Director, Communications

communication, cultural policies and social change in Latina America

Stephen Olbrys Gencarella
Department of Communication

folklore studies, rhetorical studies, and performance studies

Seth Goldman
Department of Communication

the effects of mass media and political communication on stereotyping and prejudice, particularly in the context of public opinion about race, gender, and sexual orientation

Devon Greyson
Department of Communication

Information use and decision-making related to GLBTQ health, reproductive health, parenting, vaccination, cannabis

Lisa Henderson

women and popular culture

Karen List

history of American journalism; journalism law; journalism ethics; gender issues in journalism and journalists in the movies

Claudio Moreira
Department of Commnication

performance ethnographies from the intersection of race, gender, and class

Jonathan Corpus Ong
Global Digital Media/Co-Editor-in-Chief of Television & New Media

ethics of media

Kimberlee Perez
Department of Communication

narrative performance that gets at constructions and embodiments of identity and relations

Lynn Phillips
SBS Senior Associate Dean for Education & Student Development, Senior Lecturer

the subjective and social implications of media images hypermasculinity and the hypersexualization of young girls, the commercialization of children's culture, and the health and environmental impacts of media driven consumerism

Erica Scharrer
Department of Communication

media content, opinions of media, media effects, and media literacy, particularly regarding gender and/or aggression