The University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Asian Studies

Amherst College

Amrita Basu
Sexuality, Womens and Gender Studies/Black Studies/Political Science

Third World women's participation in political movements

Monica Ringer 

Women in the Middle East

Wako Tawa 

Language and gender

Hampshire College

Kimberly Chang 
Cultural Psychology

Social psychology; Issues of gender

Susan Darlington

Women and family in southeast Asia

Kay Johnson 

Cross-cultural study of women and the family with a specialization in China;women development and population policy 

Lili Kim 
History and Global Migration

Asian American women's history; women of color and labor 

Mount Holyoke College

Susanne Mozrik 

South Asian buddhist ethics, Buddhist perspectives on bodies, genders and human differences

Ying Wang 

Women in chinese literature

Smith College

Marnie Anderson

Gender, Citizenship and the nation in late nineteenth-century Japan, Images of Japanese women 

Suzanne Zhang Gottschang

Women, Health, Globalization, and socio-economic change in mainland China 

Maki Hubbard 

Women's language

Kim Kono 

Modern Japanese women's literature and colonial literature related to Japanese empire


Jane Degenhardt 

Asian American literature 

Ranjana Devi 

Asian music and dance 

Sangeeta Kamat 

Gender analysis and South Asia

Miliann Kang 
Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

Asian American women's work; Gender and immigration; Feminist research methods; Race, Gender and class intersections

Stephen Miller 
Japanese Languages and Literature

Classical Japanese poetry and prose, Medieval waka, Japanese Buddhism, Translation, and Gay/queer studies 

Asha Nadkarni 

Postcolonial literature and theory, Transnational feminism, Theories of develop, 19th and 20th century American literature, Literatures/cultures of the South Asian disapora

Amanda Seaman

Japanese women writers, gender and popular culture

Reiko Sono 

Women in Japanese Religion and the culture of gift giving:a female tradition in Japanese culture 

Anne Ciecko 

Women filmakers in Asian Cinema and Asian women artists