The University of Massachusetts Amherst
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History of Art and Architecture

Amherst College

Rowland Abiodun 
Black Studies

Images of women in Afria and the diaspora

Natasha Staller 
European Studies/Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies

Images and myths of women and men in 20th-century art

Hampshire College

Sura Levine

Social history of 19th and 20th century European and American art with particular interest in representations of class and gender

Karen Koehler 

20th century art; architecture and theory; including architecture and feminism

Alexis Salas

Feminist and queer critique of visual and material culture; globalization

Smith College

Barbara Kellum 

Feminism and art history; women and film


Gülru Çakmak

eighteenth- and nineteenth-century French, English, and Ottoman art

Karen Kurczynski

the relationship of art to politics and activism, feminist and critical theory, problems of expression and the social, and the legacy of early-20th-century cultural encounters in contemporary discourses of identity and globalization

Laetitia La Follette 

Roman women

Nancy Noble

gender and the development of the role of the artist in nineteenth-century American culture

Monika Schmitter 

Late 15th/early 16th century Italian art - emphasis on portraiture, patronage, domestic art, gender and class issues

Margaret Vickery

architecture of women’s colleges, women's education