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American Studies

Please contact the faculty member’s department or program at each of the colleges or UMass for up-to-date information on faculty leaves, schedules and phone numbers.  If you want to be listed on this page, send an email [mail link to] with your teaching/research interests.

Amherst College

Jallicia Jolly
Black Studies
transnational politics of race, gender, sexuality and health throughout the African diaspora
Kristen Luschen
Lewis-Sebring Visiting Professor in Education Studies
gender, feminisms and education

Karen Sanchez-Eppler 

Domestic fiction; women's movements and period reforms; women and health;childhood studies

Leah Schmalzbauer
Anthropology/Latinx and Latin American Studies
ethnographer interested in how contemporary global Capitalism affects the movement of people across international borders as well as within nation-states
Kiara Vigil history of representations of and by Native peoples from the Americas, and in particular concern the turn of the twentieth century moment

Hampshire College

Lili Kim
Associate Professor History and Global Migrations

(im)migration, critical race and ethnicity, gender, imperialism, empire, feminism, Korean-American history, and Asian-American studies

Mount Holyoke College

Christopher Benfey 

Emily Dickinson; 20th-century American women poets

Kimberly Juanita Brown
English and Africana Studies, Chair of Gender Studies
the visual as a way to navigate the parameters of race, gender and belonging

Lynda Morgan 

North American slave regimes; emancipation and reconstruction; segregation; African American history; the civil rights movement

Elizabeth Young 
Chair of English

women writers; feminist theory; film; American literature; American studies; visual culture

Smith College

Kevin Rosario American popular culture, media studies and cultural theory

Steve Waksman 

Popular culture and the intersection of race, gender and sexuality


Mari Castaneda
community based learning and civic engagement, Latinx/ethnic media studies, and global communications
Rebecca Dingo
transnational feminist rhetorical methods, transnational literacy

Laura Doyle 

Modernism, women writers, and the novel 

Haivan Hoang
Asian American & Asian Diaspora/Composition and Rhetoric/Critical Race and Ethnicity

Lisa Henderson  

CommMedia and culture; field research; cultural production; the politics of sexual representation

A. Yemisi Jimoh 
Afro-American Studies

African American women writers

Laura Lovett 

Gender, race and family in 20th century America

Rachel Mordecai
Caribbean and African Diaspora literature, hemispheric American literature, and popular literature and culture of the Caribbean
Asha Nadkarni
postcolonial literature and theory, transnational feminist theory, US empire studies, and Asian American studies, with an emphasis on the literatures and cultures of the South Asian diaspora
Sarah Patterson
19th-century African American literature, women writers, Black print culture, gender and morality studies and digital humanities

Dean Robinson 
Political Science

Afro-American political thought and American political thought

Brit Rusert
Afro-American Studies

black speculative fiction and visual culture, race and science, slavery and abolition, feminist and queer approaches to science and culture, and critical theory, especially Marxism, psychoanalysis, and Black radical thought
TreaAndrew Russworm
race and technology
Elizabeth Sharrow
History and Political Science
American politics/public policy and organizations