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African and African-American Studies/Black Studies

Please contact the faculty member’s department or program at each of the colleges or UMass for up-to-date information on faculty leaves, schedules and contact.  If you want to be listed on this page, send an email to with your teaching/research interests.

Amherst College

Amrita Basu 
Political Science/Chair, Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies

Women in India; women and social change

Rhonda Cobham-Sander 
Emily C. Jordan Folger Professor of Black Studies and English/Chair of Black Studies

Childhood in African and Caribbean literature; gender in African literature; Anglophone Caribbean Poetry and the Creole Imagination

Aneeka Henderson
English/Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies
Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies, African American Studies and Cultural Studies
Mary Hicks
Gender and sexuality in Latin Americ, research methods in Black Studies, early modern roots aof contemporary globalization

Khary Polk 
Black Studies/Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies

Black Studies; black masculinity

Hampshire College

Doctor (Tara) Bynum
African American Literature and Culture
"blackness as a racial identity, as a cultural category or as a mark upon the skin"

Amy Jordan 
African American History

African American women

Kara Lynch
Video and Critical Studies
Black-Indigenous-Immigrant Anarchist, queer, and feminist work time-based artist
Tammy Owens
Diasporic Youth Cultures and Ethnic Studies
Social worker with focus on queer youth of color experience; black girls/women homelessness
Lynda Pickbourn
Economic Development and Feminist Economics, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa
Constance Valis Hill 
dance history, performance theory, jazz studies, choreography on camera, and feminist performance

Mount Holyoke College

Kimberly Juanita Brown 
English and Africana Studies/Chair of Gender Studies
The visual as a way to negotiate the parameters of race, gender, and belonging

Holly Hanson 
Co-Chair of Development Studies/Nexus/History

African women's work; African popular culture; violence and social change in modern Africa; food and famine in African history

Smith College

Flavia Santos de Araujo African disapora women's writings, cultural production

Andrea Hairston

Essayist, novelist, playwright
Daphne Lamothe
Africana Studies and Study of Women and Gender
literary and cultural representations of black consciousness formed by migratory and transnational experiences
Samuel Ng
Africana Studies
African American history and culture in the 20th century, social movements, gender, queer theory, performance and affect studies

Kevin Quashie 

African-American women's literature; black cultural theory; Harlem Renaissance


Joye Bowman 
History/Associate Dean of Research, College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Women in African history

John Bracey

History of African American women

Stephen Clingman
English Department/Director of Interdisciplinary Studies Institute

African literature; Nadine Gordimer

Dania Francis
Public Policy/Economics/Afro-American Studies
Black girls in the classrooms

A Yemisi Jimoh 

Twentieth-Century African American women's narrative and culture along with critical race studies

Anne Kerth history of slavery and emancipation, labor history, the history of gender and sexuality, and carceral history
Traci Parker African American women’s history, nineteenth and twentieth century U.S. history, race and racism, class, labor, capitalism, and consumer culture

Dean Robinson 
Political Science

Afro-American political thought and American political thought

Brit Rusert black speculative fiction and visual culture, race and science, slavery and abolition, feminist and queer approaches to science and culture, and critical theory, especially Marxism, psychoanalysis, and Black radical thought