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Admissions & Requirements

Admission Information

Admission to the WGSS Certificate Program is contingent upon: prior admission to the UMass Amherst Graduate School into a graduate degree-granting department; OR after prior completion of a graduate degree and acceptance as a non-degree student.

The candidate should demonstrate a commitment to, and evidence of, theory, research or organizational experience in feminist concerns. Knowledge of feminist scholarship is expected, but an undergraduate major in Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, Queer Studies or similar is not required as prerequisite for admission to the program. Non-degree students should contact Graduate Admissions (530 Goodell) for a non-degree student application.

Students interested in admission to the WGSS Certificate Program should visit the main office (W401 South College) or call 413-545-1922 with questions about the application process.

Requirements (effective Spring 2019)

The program requires the following coursework*:

  1. Two core approved graduate courses in the Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies Department:
    1. Feminist Theory (WOMENSST 791B) :Although a background in theory is required for admission, this course is both a foundational core requirement and prerequisite for the Issues in Feminist Research Seminar. Students approach this theory course with a range of theoretical expertise and emphasis is placed on methodological and historical contexts. Course content explores the intersection of race, class, gender and sexuality in a national and/or global perspective and examines selected paradigms in feminist theories. Offered fall semester only.
    2. Issues in Feminist Research Seminar (WOMENSST 691B): A three credit methods seminar with course content that explores an integrative analysis and may examine selected paradigms in feminist theory. Offered spring semester only.

Three approved electives that fulfill the category of Transnational and Critical Race Feminisms.    Two of the three electives in your program of study should be courses taught by WGSS core faculty and selected from the designated options in the WGSS course guide. You may still petition to count one course taught by faculty who are not among core WGSS faculty or not listed in the WGSS course guide provided that (a) the course has feminist content and/or is organized by a feminist approach to the course materials, and (b) approval for taking the course is sought and received prior to enrolling in the course.  Pre-Approval for counting courses towards the Certificate is at the discretion of the Graduate Program Committee.

Transnational/Critical Race Feminisms: This requirement ensures that students understand the critical importance of the anti-racist politics of racial justice movements and women of color to feminism, and further accommodates the inclusion of transnational feminisms, critical race studies and sexuality studies into the field of inquiry. This course should be selected from the designated options in the WGSS course guide, but a petition for inclusion form is also available.

*Please note that in the interest of encouraging student involvement in the intellectual life of the program, a maximum of two courses (half of the required coursework) can be applied towards the certificate prior to acceptance as a certificate student.

Courses will be offered and coordinated by core faculty of the Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies department and by affiliate faculty, whose courses have been pre-approved and published in the WGSS Course Guide every semester. The Associate Director of the Graduate Program provides supervision of research and advising.  For further information, contact the Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies Program, W401 South College, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. 01003. Telephone 413-545-1922.