Ways to Engage

Women for UMass Steering Committee

WFUM is at its best when our members come together to help each other. With the idea of women helping women as our fundamental goal, we invite you to get involved.

Whether volunteering as a WFUM ambassador, engaging with other women as a mentor, networking by attending one of our events, applying for a grant, or donating to the WFUM fund, your contributions, interactions, and support make us better.

Members are also invited to take on leadership roles in our various committees including the Outreach & Engagement Committee, the Grants Review Committee, and the Executive Committee. These roles serve under the leadership and strategic vision of the WFUM chair. 

WFUM is open to all members of the UMass community who identify as cis or trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in spaces that center on the experiences of women, or others interested in advancing opportunities for women. 

All women from the UMass community have something to offer and we hope you’ll share it with us.   

Contact us at alumnivolunteers@umass.edu to learn more about getting involved.