Ways to Engage

three women smining and networking at the WFUM Spring Celebration

WFUM is at its best when our members come together to help each other. With the idea of women helping women as our fundamental goal, we invite you to get involved.

Whether volunteering on a committee or as an ambassador, mentoring, networking, applying for a grant, or donating to the WFUM fund—your contributions make us better.

Get involved with our committees to develop your leadership skills, expand your resume, increase your personal and professional networks, and support the next generation of women leaders.

  • Outreach & Engagement
    Committee members work to elevate the profile and impact of WFUM by showcasing and engaging alumnae through programs, events, and other women centric initiatives, providing networking opportunities for students and alumnae, and continuing the cycle of awareness and giving in support of WFUM initiatives.
  • Grants Review
    Committee members oversee the WFUM Grants Program and the distribution of the WFUM Fund in support of student programs or projects that support women’s initiatives.
  • Executive
    Working with the WFUM chair, committee members provide leadership and guidance in support of the overall mission and strategy of the alumnae network.

Continue the conversation on Connect UMass
Looking for ways to engage with others  interested in advancing opportunities for women?  Connect with fellow alumnae and students to share experiences, opportunities, and advice to help promote professional, personal, and lifelong learning  for women. Let's come together to support all the amazing women of UMass!

Get involved! Share advice, seek advice from others, or become a community ambassador.

This group is open to all members of the UMass community who identify as cis or trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in spaces that center on the experiences of women or others interested in advancing opportunities for women.

Contact us at alumnivolunteers@umass.edu to learn more about getting involved.