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Recycle Bottles, Cans and Paper

What To Recycle

Bottles, cans and paper all go in one bin - red, green or blue. UMass is a single stream recycling system. No need to separate your recyclables.

Bottles and Cans: Acceptable

Clean Metal, Glass and Plastic: bottles, cans, jars & tubs (drain & rinse)

Labels, caps & lids can stay on.

  • Clean aluminum foil & trays
  • Clear plastic clamshells
  • Empty aerosols cans (food, personal care or laundry)
  • Clear plastic cups (no lids or straws)

Bottles and Cans: Not Acceptable

  • Colored plastic or paper cups
  • All utensils
  • Milk and juice cartons & drink boxes
  • Liquids (pour out please!)
  • Plastic bags or films
  • Ceramics, light bulbs, test tubes
  • Styrofoam of any kind
  • Hazardous chemical bottles

Mixed Paper: Acceptable

  • News/Magazines/Junk Mail
  • Copy/Notebook Paper
  • Boxboard (cereal, office supplies)
  • Spiral notebooks
  • Clean pizza boxes
  • Phonebooks, catalogs & paperback books (covers ok!)
  • Manila envelopes
  • Stickies, index

Mixed Paper: Not Acceptable

  • Egg cartons
  • Frozen or refrigerated food boxes
  • Paper napkins,tissues & towels
  • Paper cups & plates
  • Beer & soda cartons
  • Padded mailer envelopes
  • Hardcover books