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What Can I Compost?

What to Compost and Where at UMass

Use the Composting Locator Chart below to determine whether and what you may compost at your campus location.  

Building Food Waste (all types) Leaves and Yard Waste Animal Bedding
UMass DCs Yes No  No
Campus Retail Food Outlets Yes No  No
Res Halls Snack Bars Yes No  No
N. Apartments Yes No  No
Day Care Yes No  No
Some Green Offices Yes No  No

The Following Materials are "Delivered Only" to the Waste Facility (WRTF)

Leaves, Brush, Greenhouse Wastes and Animal Bedding are delivered only to WRTF.  These materials are either picked up by OWM staff or delivered to the Waste Recovery and Transfer Facility by Grounds Dept. staff.