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Beyond Bottles, Cans and Paper

What can I recycle beyond bottles, cans, paper and glass?

Please contact us at 413.545.9615 if you have any questions about the guide below.

Item/Material Description Procedure


Toasters, microwaves, etc. Deliver to WRTF or call for pick-up. See refrigeration units below.

Asphalt, Brick and Concrete

Keep sorted as much as possible Deliver to WRTF and ask for appropriate storage bunker. If there is a large quantity of this material, call OWM for pick-up.

Alkaline Batteries

Dispose of akaline batteries in trash








Appliance and electronics batteries:Mercury, Cadmium, Nickel-Metal Hydride, Lithium 

Auto/marine/emergency lighting batteries:


Deliver or send to WRTF via campus mail, marked "batteries for recycling." Terminal ends should be taped.

Deliver to WRTF or call for pickup





Deliver to WRTF or call for pickup

If small quantity, place in single stream bins. If large quantity, deliver to WRTF or call for pickup.


Clothes, shoes, hats, accessories:

Deliver to: WRTF, Amherst Survival Ctr. (549-3968) or Salvation Army bins near dorms at Move-Out time in May.


Computer systems, electronic measuring intruments or A/V equipment: Deliver to WRTF or call for pickup; must be accompanied by Surplus Equipment Disposal Form (SED)


Canned or dry goods:  Watch for Residence Life’ special Nu2u spring collections (move out time). Otherwise, call Amherst Survival Center to see if they will take it. 

Fluorescent Tubes

Straight, circular, U-tubes, HIDs and compacts

Incandescent bulbs may be placed in trash.

Deliver to WRTF in original box with the cushioning material removed. Custodial or electrical shops should handle removal & delivery.


Depending on quality and composition, may go to (a) surplus property barn, (b) recycling or (c) disposal. Deliver to WRTF and ask for instructions,  OR, call for pickup. If purchase value =>$1,000, must provide a completed  Surplus Equipment Disposal Form (SED)

Metal Scrap

All types, free of contaminants (e.g. asbestos, free flowing paint,  motor oils, or more than incidental amounts of plastic or wood)  Deliver to WRTF or call for a pickup

Paint, Stain, Lacquers, Varnish

Only sealed non-leaking containers. Empty metal paint cans (<1" in bottom and dry)  may go in scrap metal roll-off. Deliver to WRTF and ask for instructions or call to OWM to schedule a pickup.

Pallets and Wood

Separate pallets/clean wood from treated, painted, stained, pressure-treated, creosoted/laminated woods. Deliver to WRTF or call for pickup

Propane, Refrigerant Tanks

After proper preparation (see next column) may be placed in metal pile at WRTF. Call EH&S at 5-2682 to have cores removed before delivery to WRTF.

Refrigeration Units

Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and water fountains for scrap metal recycling. If purchase value is = or > $1,000, prepare a Surplus Equipment Disposal Form (SED) and call 545-2704 to arrange a pick up..Or deliver to WRTF.

Styrofoam Peanuts

White, #6 Only! See LINK for acceptable & unacceptable types. Peanuts are accepted at UPS or Mailboxes Etc.  May be set aside in a clear bag for Custodial Svcs.collection (not in dorms/DCs). Or, deliver to WRTF.

Tapes, CDs and Diskettes

Video and data tapes - all sizes and brands. Computer diskettes and CD Roms.

You must make sure that these are wiped clean of any sensitive or confidential data.

Mail to WRTF via campus mail. Please mark "tape/diskettes for recycling." For large quantities call for pickup


Used car and truck tires (tires off rims) for recycling or energy recovery. Deliver to WRTF or call for a pick-up. Only sources should be Fleet Services, Transit and Housing Services.

Toner Cartridges


For Recycling and reuse:



May be sent to WRTF via campus mail. Please mark "toner cartridge to recycle." See LINK for packaging instructions