southbridge landfill photo
Trash Collection

Trash Collection and Building Contacts

The Office of Waste Management (OWM) is responsible for trash collection at trash enclosures, pads or loading docks outside of all “campus”* buildings.  Generally, custodians are the link between the waste generator and OWM services. Academic custodians, Residence Hall custodians and Dining Commons custodians collect trash (and recycling or food waste) for placement at the above enclosures and loading docks.

For the following living areas, students must bring their waste outside to the trash collection area adjacent to the building:  Central,  Northeast, Lincoln and North Village. In all other Residence Halls, students drop off waste materials at the “trash” rooms located on each floor.

Trash (and Recycling) In-Building Contacts

For trash and recycling pickup, to request bins,  or if you need something unusual picked up - use the contacts below.

Campus Area (1) Contact
Academic or Administrative Buildings 545-0200 Custodial Services
Campus Center 577-8225 
Franklin-Worcester Dining Commons 545-5322
Berkshire-Hampshire Dining Commons 577-0440
Southwest Residence Area 545-6962
Orchard Hill/Central Residence Area 545-1490
Sylvan/Northeast/North Apartments 545-1138
Family Housing 545-3115

(1) "Campus Area" includes UMass facilities in Belchertown, Deerfield and Hadley - among other locations. It excludes those sites adjacent to the campus which are privately owned or managed (e.g., Venture Way, Slobody Building.)