Surplus Property

Surplus Property Disposal

What Is Surplus Property or Equipment?

The Offices of the UMass Controller and of Procurement determine procedures for the purchase, transfer and disposition of University property – generally referred to as “Equipment.”

Equipment is defined as durable-repairable items (5 years or more life) having an estimated purchase value of $1,000 or more. The UMass Property Office presently tracks and applies UMA barcodes to equipment valued over $1,000 and to computers - regardless of purchase value.  There is still equipment in circulation that was marked with UMA barcodes before the $1,000 threshold was established.

Surplus Equipment Disposal 

When OWM’s Moving Crew picks up equipment at the customer's office, we require that all items to be disposed be listed on Surplus Equipment Disposal (SED) Form so that wanted items are not mistakenly removed. For large quantity items (pcs, chairs) a single description should be provided along with the quantity of the item. For departmental deliveries to the WRTF/OWM office, only equipment with UMA tags and computers/memory storage devices must be listed on the S.E.D. 

What Happens After an S.E.D. is Filed?

  • Physical Plant Environmental Health and Safety personnel receives and reviews the initial requests and separates them for entrance into an All Hazards Review or remittance to Moving Services
  • Requests deemed to be of potential environmental concern are sent to EHS for inspection and clearance. Once cleared, these requests are scheduled for pick up through weekly scheduling meetings and assigned a Work Task number through the FC&S work management system (TRIRIGA).  
  • Requests deemed of no potential environmental concern are sent to Moving Services personnel where they are paced in queue for pickups.
  • Scheduled moves take precedence over SED pickups – although they are sometimes coincide with a move.
  • Depending on value, condition and material types, equipment picked up from campus is either placed in surplus storage off campus, recycled or disposed of.
  • Completed SEDs are delivered by Moving Services personnel to the Controller’s Office to settle dept inventories.

Completing the SED Form

The Surplus Equipment Disposal  (SED) Form  is available online. Login with your Net ID is required to access the form.

On the SED form, you will be able to:

  • Tell us whether you will deliver the equipment to the WRTF or  if you want the equipment picked up by OWM's Moving Services.
  • Acknowledge your departmental responsibility to remove sensitive data and license software.

After you submit the form, a copy will automatically go to Moving Services and EH&S All Hazard Review.

Equipment to List on the SED Form:

Equipment or Other Item

To be Picked Up by OWM Moving Services

To be  Delivered to OWM WRTF

Furniture  and File Cabinets

List on SED

No need to list on SED

Any Computers/Memory Devices

List on SED

List on SED

UMA Barcoded Equip.

List on SED

List on SED

Equipment with Purchase Value Greater Than $1,000

List on SED

List on SED

Equipment with No UMA Barcode and Less Than $1,000 Purchase Value

List on SED

No need to list on SED