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Office Clean-Outs

Office Clean-Outs

Cleaning out your office? Look up the paper type on the chart below to determine where the item goes.

Paper Type Where It Goes
Bound Papers Remove paper from binder or spiral, then place in green or blue  recycling bin
Books Hardcover - call for special pick-up or drop off at WRTF. Softcover - remove and dispose covers, then place in recycling bin
Blueprints Place in trash bin
Brown Clasp Envelopes Place in recycling bin
Catalogs Place in recycling bin. Call for pick-up if there are large quantities
Carbon Paper Old style carbon paper should be placed in trash
Carbonless Copy Paper Place in recycling bin
Fax Paper Old style thermal paper should be placed in trash. Other fax paper should be placed in recycling bin.
Hanging File Folders If the metal hangers are removed place in recycling bin, otherwise place in trash
Manilla and Colored File Folders Place in recycling bin
Mylar Prints or Overhead Sheets Place in trash
Post-its, Index and Business Cards Place in recycling bin
Confidential Paper Shredded paper should be placed in recycling bin. Non-shredded paper should be marked "confidential" and placed in your regular confidential bin, or call for pick-up. Please limit your designation  "confidential" to those papers that absolutely require such designation.
Copy Paper Wrappers Place in recycling bin
Envelopes With Windows Place in recycling bin
Paper Board Place in recycling bin
Postal Packaging Place in trash