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Moving Services

How to Request Moving Services

First Step

Your first step to receive moving services is to complete a Non-Emergency Service Request at Facility and Campus Services. Contact your Customer Service Representative for your building. Refer to the Building Coordinator/Customer Service Representative List.

After You File a Service Request

  • Customer Service forwards a Service Request to the Scheduling Center. The Scheduling group, which coordinates F&CS maintenance, custodial, moving and waste management services - as needed, meets weekly to plan and schedule all Physical Plant service requests. The Scheduling Group requires at least 14 days advance notice to get a moving Service Request onto its weekly agenda.  
  • Once a move is scheduled, OWM Moving & Surplus Foreman Hollis Henderson (545-3195 or 992-7178{cell}) is charged with executing the move with his staff of 4 movers.
  • Small and simple moving jobs will normally be scheduled and completed within 3-4 weeks of scheduling.
  • Large or complicated moves usually require an on-site pre-move visit by OWM with a department representative and sometimes EH&S for the purpose of conducting an all hazard review
  • Packing boxes are available from Moving Services.  Please request them at the time of a Service Request. Boxes are available one week prior to the move and are expected to be ready for return to Moving Services no later than one week after the move completion. Although there is no charge for the use of moving boxes, the department must provide an account number (as a deposit) with the initial UMass work request.
  • In order for Moving Services to complete a scheduled job on the appointed date, the customer must be completely packed (boxes closed, and marked  -if applicable) when the crew arrives.

Moving Services Not Provided

  • Pianos
  • Personal property moves between home and office
  • Event chairs (call private rental agency)
  • Furniture disassembly/assembly other than minor instances (for this service contact Customer Service or your Zone maintenance office)
  • Packing of boxes to be moved

Who Pays For Moves

  • Moves ordered by Space Management are generally funded by Space Management.
  • Moves required in order to provide building maintenance and repair are funded by Physical Plant.
  • Large departmental moves will be evaluated on a per-case basis.
  • Moves for organizations not involved directly or indirectly in academics are billable.