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About Waste

Each year the Office of Waste Management tracks the recycling and refuse data for the campus. In 2021 recyclables total was 1619.26 tons. Refuse total was 995.70 tons. See all Solid Waste Reports

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's 310 CMR 19.000 - Solid Waste Management Facility Regulations  (specifically 310 CMR 19.017) prohibit Massachusetts solid waste management facilities, including those owned and operated by municipalities, from accepting the following recyclable and/or toxic items for disposal or transfer for disposal.

Waste Collection

The Office of Waste Management is responsible for waste collection at waste enclosures, pads or loading docks outside of all “campus”* buildings.  Custodians are the link between the waste generator and OWM services. Academic custodians, Residence Hall custodians and Dining Commons custodians collect trash (and recycling or food waste) for placement at the above enclosures and loading docks.

Students must bring their waste outside to the trash collection area adjacent to the building:  Central,  Northeast, Lincoln and North Village. In all other Residence Halls, students drop off waste materials at the “trash” rooms located on each floor.

Waste and Recycling Building Contacts

For trash and recycling pickup, to request bins,  or if you need something unusual picked up, contact the Facilities & Campus Services Customer Service Representative for your department. If you don’t know the Customer Service Representative for your department, you can refer to the Building Coordinator/Customer Service Representative List.

Waste Bans

Do not throw these items in the trash.

Recycle It

Glass Containers
Metal Containers
Recyclable Cardboard and Paper
Single Polymer Plastics

Compost It

Organic Waste
Commercial Organic Materials (eg. compostable plates etc.)
Leaves and Yard Waste

Bring it to the Waste Facility (WRTF)

Asphalt Pavement, Brick, Concrete, Metal and Wood
Cathode Ray Tubes
Lead Acid Batteries
Clean Gypsum Wallboard (Drywall)
Whole Tires
White Goods (Large Appliances)