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The violin studio at UMass is home to students from all corners of the globe. Its defining purpose is to provide the tools of support that each student needs in order to move from student life to the early stages of his or her career. Practice techniques, sources of inspiration, collegial cheerleading/honesty, or just plain company are some of the basic needs the studio fills on a day-to-day basis to the aspiring performer or teacher.

The studio computer hosts an extensive archive of the work done in our weekly etude class; ansirku houses our study recordings and engineers all our recording projects; the practice chart on the wall keeps us honest.

Initiative is a priceless commodity for the modern musician, and we have had the satisfaction of watching various ideas from genesis to fruition as extracurricular projects such as The Violin Duo Project, Red Oak Strings and the Suzuki Training Workshop that were hatched within the four walls of the violin studio have gone on to mature in the larger world.

This website is a window onto our world, uniquely flavored by the diversity of its membership.







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