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All pages have been updated with monoclonal information and recent publications and presentations. Please check individual pages for information related to that species.

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Species pages contain targeted molecule updates and indices of commercially available reagents. The buttons below provide Network-wide information.

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To request reagents produced by the US VIRN initiative, please contact the people listed below:

(cytokines, chemokines, cell surface markers)

Antibodies Recombinant Cytokines & Chemokines
Catfish Dr. M. Wilson, UMiss Med Center Dr. M. Wilson, UMiss Med Center Not currently available
Cattle Dr. C. Baldwin, UMass Amherst Dr. C Baldwin, UMass Amherst;
Ms. J. Labresh, Kingfisher Biotech Inc.
Ms. J. LaBresh, Kingfisher Biotech Inc.
Chicken & Turkey Dr. H. Lillehoj, USDA-ARS Dr. H. Lillehoj, USDA-BARC;
Ms. J. LaBresh, Kingfisher Biotech Inc.
Dr. H. Lillehoj, USDA-BARC;
Ms. J. LaBresh, Kingfisher Biotech Inc.
Horse Dr. B. Wagner, Cornell;
Dr. C. Baldwin, UMass Amherst
Cornell University;
Dr. B. Wagner, Cornell;
Ms. J. LaBresh, Kingfisher Biotech Inc.
Ms. J. Labresh, Kingfisher Biotech Inc.
Swine Dr. J. Lunney, USDA-BARC;
Dr. C. Baldwin, UMass Amherst
Dr. J. Lunney, USDA-BARC;
Ms. J. Labresh, Kingfisher Biotech Inc.
Ms. J. Labresh, Kingfisher Biotech Inc.
Trout Dr. J. Hansen, USGS Dr. J. Hansen, USGS;
Dr. E. Bromage, UMass Dartmouth
Not currently available

The buttons below provide information about available reagents from US VIRN project directors (Kingfisher Biotech, Inc) and sister European initiatives (The Immunological Toolbox).

Project Description: A major obstacle to disease control in cattle, chickens, pigs, horses and fish is the lack of sufficient immunological reagents. The goal of the US-VIRN is to generate monoclonal antibodies (mAb) that identify the major leukocyte subpopulations (T and B lymphocytes, NK cells, macrophages, dendritic cells, neutrophils), antibody classes and produce bioactive recombinant cytokines and chemokines as well as antibodies to them and their receptors for these species. These reagents will be used to: (1) evaluate changes during disease and following vaccination and (2) give scientests the ability to manipulate immune system cells to ascertain their roles in protective immunity as well as in immunopathology. Development of the above reagents will address the USDA-CSREES goal of enhancing the safety of the Nation's agriculture and food supply by aiding in the development of vaccines. Products developed will benefit a large group of researchers, including veterinary clinicians, immunologists, pathologists, and microbiologists.

Project Funding
USDA NIFA #2010-65121-20649
Peter Johnson, DVM, Ph.D. , Co-Director

Margo Holland, DVM, Ph.D. , Co-Director







Click here for the US-VIRN PDs Workshop presentation presented at CRWAD, December 2012.
"US-VIRN Project Director's Workshop 2012"




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For further information about the U.S. Veterinary Immune Reagent Network, contact Dr. Cynthia Baldwin University of Massachusetts Amherst.

For information about the US VIRN website, contact Ms. Dannielle Tompkins, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Project Directors:

Catfish: Dr. Melanie Wilson & Dr. Eva Bengten,
University of Mississippi Medical Center

Equine: Dr. Bettina Wagner, Cornell University

Poultry: Dr. Hyun Lillehoj, USDA-ARS (Maryland

Cattle: Dr. Cynthia Baldwin, University of Massachusetts

Pig: Dr. Joan Lunney,
USDA-ARS (Maryland)

Trout: Dr. John Hansen, Western Fisheries Research Center, USG &
Dr. Erin Bromage, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Protein Expression: Kingfisher Biotech &
Dr. Bettina Wagner,
Cornell University

Advisory Board:

Dr. Douglas Antczak
Cornell University

Dr. Gary Entrican
International Union Immunological Society Veterinary Toolkit Committee

Dr. Cyril Gay
USDA-ARS, National Program Leader

Dr. John Liu
Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station

Dr. Michael Murtaugh
University of Minnesota

Dr. Rebecca Poston
Pfizer Animal Health

Dr. Shayan Sharif
University of Ontario
Guelph, Canada

Dr. Jagdev Sharma
Arizona State University Biodesign Institute

Dr. Greg Wiens
USDA-ARS, Kearneysville, WV

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