Ethan Dixon

Ethan Dixon will graduate from UMass in May 2025 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Veterinary Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree in STEM-German. Ethan grew up in Ohio, and found UMass Amherst through its esteemed Pre-Veterinary and Animal Science programs. After some consideration, the opportunities in the VASCI department were what eventually won Ethan over in choosing UMass, along with the beautiful campus and impressive dining services. Ethan also took German in high school and wanted to continue learning German in pursuit of becoming bilingual and fell into a German major after receiving an email about the iSTEP program.

Ethan has wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as he can remember, which his parents tell him started when he was three years old. He believes the desire to become a veterinarian spurred from his love for his household cats. Despite this, his interests shifted from small animal vet to zoo veterinarian, because he hopes to work with as many different animal species as possible and participate in the conservation efforts that take place in zoos.

Since UMass was so far from Ethan’s hometown, he decided to join the Animal Science RAP his freshman year in an attempt to make friends with people in his major and on campus. He was fortunate enough to meet people he believes he will be friends with for the rest of his life and credits the RAP for being an excellent place to meet new people.

Currently, Ethan works at the Stoneleigh-Burnham School Equestrian Facility where he mucks stalls and looks after the horses and ponies. He is also a part of the UMass Wildlife society and has participated in the pre-vet club. Ethan serves as a Peer Advisor for the VASCI department, where he is lucky enough to guide students on a path that helps them. Ethan has been awarded the Chancellor’s Award scholarship for all of his years at UMass and has been on the Dean’s List every semester.

Ethan is currently attempting to get a head start on his VMCAS application so that he can apply to vet schools in the upcoming cycle. He is also working on finding volunteer opportunities at nearby animal facilities to further his career.

Ethan thanks his Mom, Step-dad, and Grandparents for their never ending support of his dreams to pursue a carrer as a zoo vet, his girlfriend of six years for always providing emotional support, and Dr. Beltaire and Dr. Marston for their direct and indirect mentorship.