Anna Constantinides

Anna Constantinides will be graduating in Spring 2024 with a BS in Pre-Veterinary Science. Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Anna was never sure what she wanted to be when she grew up. Unsure of her future, Anna decided to come to UMass because of the wide variety of programs and opportunities she could explore and find her passion. Anna decided to initially major in Animal Science because of her persistent love of animals. After her first year in the program, she decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Throughout her time at UMass, she grew to love working with livestock, especially dairy cows, and hopes to continue working with them as a large animal veterinarian in the future.

At UMass, Anna has gained an immense amount of knowledge and hands-on skills through experiences offered through the VASCI department. By enrolling in Boer Goat Management and Dairy Calf Management she was able to learn in-depth hands-on management skills including, hoof trimming, fecal float analysis, injections, blood draws, disbudding, and proficient animal handling. After working with the dairy calves under the instruction of Dr. Mark Huyler, Anna was offered a position as a teaching assistant and has loved being able to teach students all about dairy calf management. In addition, she was a teaching assistant for Introductory Anatomy and Physiology under the instruction of Dr. Helene Cousin. She was able to demonstrate her proficient knowledge of anatomy and physiology by organizing weekly review sessions for students and assisting in labs including dissections, urinalysis, blood smears, and skeletal flat

In the Spring of 2022, Anna began working at the UMass Hadley Livestock Barn. Under the guidance of Alice Newth and Steph Puro, she has been able to learn numerous skills involving large animal husbandry, pasture management, veterinary care procedures, and many other management practices regarding the Dorset Sheep flock, Boer Goat herd, sows and piglets, and the Belted Galloway Herd. At the farm, Anna has been able to assist in lambings, kiddings, farrowing, necropsies, and processing for lambs, kids, and piglets.

In her Sophomore year, Anna started working in Dr. Janice Telfer’s lab where she has been studying the co-receptor protein WC1 on gamma-delta T-cells in canine and feline species.Working in a lab and conducting her own research project Anna has gained many laboratory skills including, working with genomic and DNA samples, growing bacteria cultures, andmaintaining mammalian cells. Anna hopes to further understand the structure and binding of WC1 to the pathogen leptospira.

Outside of UMass, Anna has worked with and shadowed numerous veterinarians including many different veterinarians at Long Island Veterinary Specialists. Having rotated through the different departments including cardiology, neurology, and internal medicine, Anna found her passion for surgery. She was able to watch a plethora of major orthopedic and soft tissue procedures which she finds extremely fascinating. During the summer before her junior year and into the Fall semester, Anna was an intern at Hess McWilliams Veterinary Services. Under the guidance of Dr. McWilliams, Dr. Barstow, and Dr. Latham, she was able to gain a lot of knowledge and experience working as a large animal veterinarian assistant, helping with dairy herd healths, equine physicals, vaccinations, ultrasounds, lameness exams, radiographs, and office maintenance.

In the Spring semester of her junior year, Anna had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Thailand! A small group of students from all around the US studied veterinary medicine in Chiang Mai, taking classes in Thai language and culture, small animal medicine and management, wildlife management and medicine, and elephant medicine and management. Anna gained hands-on experience with small animals, exotics, and elephants working at local clinics, shelters, zoos, and elephant sanctuaries! For three weeks Anna was on the beautiful Island of Koh Tao, studying marine animal medicine and marine biology & conservation. During this time Anna completed her open water and advanced adventurer scuba certifications. She then did three marine conservation dives and was able to study fish and invertebrate populations.

Anna has been devoted to the Pre-Veterinary & Animal Science Club. She served as a member in her freshman and sophomore years, was elected Treasurer in her junior year, and was elected President in her senior year. Her roles had her responsible for all finances, organizing the weekly meetings, recruiting and communicating with professionals within the Veterinary and Animal Science community, and serving as a role model and mentor for club members. Anna is also a peer advisor for the VASCI department, a peer mentor for the Pre-Vet and Animal Science Club, and assists with student recruitment every year. She enjoys sharing her experiences with prospective students and inspires them to join the pre-veterinary science major!

Anna would like to thank all her mentors at UMass who have helped her along the way, Alice Newth, Steph Puro, Dr. Beltaire, Dr. Telfer, Dr. Cousin, and Dr. Huyler. Anna is very grateful for all the opportunities UMass has provided and helped shape her into the person she is today.