Horses Offered for Sale 

The University of Massachusetts Equine Science Program is proud to offer the following horses for your consideration. For more information or to schedule an appointment to view the horses, please contact Dr. Cassandra Uricchio at curicchio [at] or 413-345-0183.

As of February 1, 2016 all university horses will be sold through private treaty. This replaces the sealed bid process used in the past.

Currently, there are no horses for sale.

Horses Offered for Adoption - currently there are no horses available for adoption

The University of Massachusetts Equine Program is also dedicated to making sure our older school horses find excellent retirement homes. The following horses are available for adoption. , Please make sure to look through our Adoption Application, and Lifetime Adoption Agreement.

Sale Specifications:

1) Buyers may have a pre-purchase exam by a veterinarian at their expense within 7 days of the notification that they have been awarded the sale.

2) Pre-purchase viewing of horses can be arranged through appointment only and requests should be sent to Dr. Cassandra Uricchio at curicchio [at] or by calling 413-345-018

3) After award of the sale of the horse(s), payment must be in the form of a valid bank treasurer’s check or money order payable to the University of Massachusetts Amherst and delivered to the UMass Amherst Procurement Department; 407 Goodell Building; 140 Hicks Way; Amherst, MA. No cash payments will be accepted.

4) Upon receipt of payment, the buyer will receive a signed Bill of Sale from the UMass Amherst Procurement Department for the horse(s) purchased. The Buyer must take the signed bill of sale to the Hadley Farm to pick-up the horse. No horse will be released until the signed bill of sale is presented.

5) The Buyer is responsible for transportation of the horse the same day the signed bill of sale is issued unless prior arrangements have been made.

6) The buyer acknowledges that all horses are sold “as is” and “where is”. The University makes no representations regarding the suitability of the horse for any purpose.

Where are they now?

New Owner Horse
Kris Cathline Bay State Flash of Blue
Anne Wiktor Bay State Fredrico        
Kristina Hartwell Bay State Guinness
Amy (Gehrig) Howard Bay State Isabella
Josh Merritt Bay State Justice
Mai Wisdom Bay State Lincoln
Serena Chaves Bay State Mitchell
The Roberts Family Bay State Narcissus
Alexis Duda Bay State Notorious
Elizabeth Pelis Bay State Odyssey
Bay State Patriot  
Bay State Yankee
Carly Hanson Bay State Precision
Mimi Keith Bay State Roberta
Helen Guiheen & Cathy Miller/
Crestwind Farm
Bay State Unique
Bay State Envy
Sydney Nassiff Bay State Vigil  
Tina/Divinity Dressage Bay State Wisdom
Suzanne Gottschang Bay State Zephyr
Lovelane Special Needs Horseback Riding Cachez CH
Kaila Snape Chico
The Reed Family De Soleil U.M.
Marcus Rhatigan Dr. Weltklasse U.M. "Dewey" 
Christine Valardi Dornroeschen UM
Josh Merritt/Meadowmere Farm HR Clearly Legal "Annie"
Lisa & Wayne Hassinger Juniper (B Glorious)
Hannah Lydotes Kaleidoscope Kit U.M.
Candace Marsh King Louie
Marthe Reynolds/AboutSigi.Com Libertine's Signature
Sue Nichols Colanda "Loni"
Marina Callahan Neighlee Q
Kim Bent Nick (Necco of Whale Cove)
Cristian Lett O'Brien
Ann Bonneville Paddy (Cool Paddy O'Toole)
Betty Waidlich Pavlova "Dove" 
Sue Nicols Rococo
Courtney Halfrey Rosie
Lizzie Feldman Sarge
Zoe Bandola Stockbridge Sonnet UM
Josh Merritt/Meadowmere Farm Ulenfield Elation
Kari Holbrook/Amara Farm Wait and See U.M.
Larry Poulin Wrudolph U.M.
Ken Whelihan Wuenderkind U.M.