Changing Your Major

Changing into the BS-Animal Science Major

If you would like to change your major to Animal Science you should
     1. Make an appointment with curicchio [at] (Cassandra Uricchio), Chief Undergraduate Advisor.
     2. Consider if Animal Science is truly the right major for you.  We offer a rigorous a science-intensive
that presents the opportunity to gain experience with species relevant to traditional animal
programs. It is not a clinical program in veterinary medicine and thus does not offer small
animal, exotic animal or wildlife experiences, nor is it the appropriate program for those interested in
production agriculture. Animal Science majors must complete courses necessary for a concentration 
in Animal Management, Animal Biotechnology or Equine Science.
    3. Review the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for the Veterinary and Animal Sciences
Department Undergraduate Program.
    4. Review the Undergraduate Handbook.  This will help you decide whether you’d like to change
your major to Animal Science and whether you can finish your degree on time. Please carefully
review each of the following sections:
      Degree Requirements & Elective Courses
      Suggested Sequence of Courses

Changing to the BS-Pre-Veterinary Major

All students enter as Animal Science majors and must qualify to change to the Pre-Veterinary
Science Major.

In order to qualify for the Pre-Veterinary Science Major students must:
1. Achieve a weighted GPA of B- (2.700) or better in the following required courses:

  • ANIMLSCI 103 - Intro to Animal Management
  • ANIMLSCI 220 - Anatomy & Physiology of Domestic Animal
  • ANIMLSCI 285 – Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • BIOLOGY 151, 152, 153 - Introduction to Biology and lab
  • CHEM 111 & 112 - Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHEM 261 - Organic Chemistry
  • MATH 127 – Calculus

2.  Complete the Pre-Veterinary Science Major GPA Calculation Form and submit the form to the
Undergraduate Program Office, 427X ISB or vasci [at] If the student is qualified to change
to the Pre-Veterinary Science Major, the change will be made in the student’s SPIRE account and
the ARR will change to reflect the requirements for the Pre-Veterinary Science major

Schedule a Pre-Veterinary advising appointment with Dr. Telfer in Navigate at  Include the reason: VASCI Pre-Vet.  Zoom 488 527 7442

Changing to the BS-Veterinary Technology Major

Schedule an appointment with ajrubin [at] (Dr. Amy Rubin), Director of Veterinary Technology

Changing to another major outside of the Animal Science Department

Contact the Chief Undergraduate Advisor in the major you are interested in.

Double Major vs. Dual Degree

If you are considering taking two majors, you have a choice between a Double Major or a Dual Degree.

Double Major: (120 cr): Students pursuing a double major choose a primary and secondary major,
fulfill the course requirements for both, and graduate with a minimum of 120 credits total. Certain
requirements, such as junior year writing, must be completed in the primary major. Students with
double majors should meet with the academic advisors in both departments to learn the extent to
which courses required by one major can be used to satisfy the requirements of the other major. 
At graduation a double major earns a single degree in the primary major, but both the primary and
secondary major are recorded on the transcript.

Dual Degree: (150 cr) Students wishing to earn two degrees, each in a different major, must
complete all of the major and college requirements for both degrees, and also must complete at
least 30 additional units for a minimum of 150 credits. Requirements must be completed within
ten semesters, unless the Academic Dean grants an extension.