WC1+ gammadelta T cell memory population is induced by killed bacterial vaccine.

TitleWC1+ gammadelta T cell memory population is induced by killed bacterial vaccine.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsBlumerman, SL, Herzig, CTA, Baldwin, CL
JournalEuropean journal of immunology
Date Published2007 May
AbstractLimited studies have addressed the ability of gammadelta T cells to become memory populations. We previously demonstrated that WC1.1(+) gammadelta T cells from ruminants vaccinated with killed Leptospira borgpetersenii proliferate and produce IFN-gamma in recall responses. Here we show that this response is dependent upon antigen-responsive CD4 T cells, at least across transwell membranes; this requirement cannot be replaced by IL-2. The response was also dependent upon in vivo priming, since gammadelta T cells from leptospira vaccine-naive animals did not respond to antigen even when co-cultured across membranes from antigen-responsive PBMC. Gammadelta T cells were the major antigen-responding T cell population for the first 4 wks following vaccination and replicated more rapidly than CD4 T cells. Primed WC1(+) gammadelta T cells circulated as CD62L(hi)/CD45RO(int)/CD44(lo), characteristics of T(CM) cells. When stimulated with antigen, they decreased CD62L, increased CD44 and CD25, and had no change in CD45RO expression. These changes paralleled those of the leptospira antigen-responsive CD4 T cells but differed from those of gammadelta T cells proliferating to mitogen stimulation. This system for in vivo gammadelta T cell priming is unique, since it relies on a killed antigen to induce memory and may be pertinent to designing vaccines that require type 1 pro-inflammatory cytokines.
Alternate JournalEur. J. Immunol.