Evolution of the IgA heavy chain gene in the genus Mus.

TitleEvolution of the IgA heavy chain gene in the genus Mus.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsOsborne, BA, Golde, TE, Schwartz, RL, Rudikoff, S
Date Published1988 Aug
AbstractTo examine questions of immunoglobulin gene evolution, the IgA alpha heavy chain gene from Mus pahari, an evolutionarily distant relative to Mus musculus domesticus, was cloned and sequenced. The sequence, when compared to the IgA gene of BALB/c or human, demonstrated that the IgA gene is evolving in a mosaic fashion with the hinge region accumulating mutations most rapidly and the third domain at a considerably lower frequency. In spite of this pronounced accumulation of mutations, the hinge region appears to maintain the conformation of a random coil. A marked propensity to accumulate replacement over silent site changes in the coding regions was noted, as was a definite codon bias. The possibility that these two phenomena are interrelated is discussed.
Alternate JournalGenetics