Deficient spermiogenesis in mice lacking .

TitleDeficient spermiogenesis in mice lacking .
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsWang, F, Gervasi, MGracia, Bošković, A, Sun, F, Rinaldi, VD, Yu, J, Wallingford, MC, Tourzani, DA, Mager, J, Zhu, LJulie, Rando, OJ, Visconti, PE, Strittmatter, L, Bach, I
Date Published2021 02 23
KeywordsAnimals, Genes, X-Linked, Male, Mice, Mice, Knockout, Sertoli Cells, Spermatogenesis, Ubiquitin-Protein Ligases

The X-linked gene plays major roles in female mouse development and reproduction, where it is crucial for the maintenance of imprinted X chromosome inactivation in extraembryonic tissues of embryos. However, while females carrying a systemic knockout (KO) die around implantation, male KO mice appear healthy and are fertile. Here, we report an important role for in testis where it is highly expressed in post-meiotic round spermatids as well as in Sertoli cells. Systemic deletion of the gene results in lower numbers of mature sperm that contains excess cytoplasm, leading to decreased sperm motility and in vitro fertilization rates. Targeting the conditional cKO specifically to the spermatogenic cell lineage largely recapitulates this phenotype. These results reveal functions of in male reproduction specifically in round spermatids during spermiogenesis.

Alternate JournalElife
PubMed ID33620316
PubMed Central IDPMC7935487
Grant ListR01 HD038082 / HD / NICHD NIH HHS / United States
R01 HD083311 / HD / NICHD NIH HHS / United States
P30 DK032520 / DK / NIDDK NIH HHS / United States
DP1 ES025458 / ES / NIEHS NIH HHS / United States
R01 GM128168 / GM / NIGMS NIH HHS / United States
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