Comparative idiotype network interactions: antigen mimicry by an anti-bovine idiotype monoclonal antibody in rats and cattle.

TitleComparative idiotype network interactions: antigen mimicry by an anti-bovine idiotype monoclonal antibody in rats and cattle.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsArulanandam, AR, Goldsby, RA
JournalDevelopmental and comparative immunology
Date Published1988 Summer
AbstractIdiotype/anti-idiotype networks have been extensively investigated in such conventional animal models as the mouse and the rabbit. However, systems of veterinary interest have remained largely unexplored. A monoclonal target idiotype, with which to begin such studies in cattle was provided by LHRB 19.17 an interspecific bovine x mouse hybridoma. This hybridoma was constructed by the fusion of supramammary lymph node cells from S. agalactiae-immunized lactating Holsteins with the Ig synthesis-permissive established cell line, SP 2/0. Two collections of monoclonal anti-idiotype antibodies were generated by fusion of spleen cells from LHRB 19.17-immunized Balb/c or A/J mice immunized with the monoclonal bovine idiotype, LHRB 19.17. Many of the anti-idiotypes inhibited binding of LHRB 19.17 to S. agalactiae, but only one, LHRAID 2.71, proved to be an internal image of a S. agalactiae epitope. Immunization of C/D outbred rats by priming with 100-300 micrograms of LHRAID 2.71 emulsified in CFA followed by a 300 micrograms boost at day 32 elicited anti- S. agalactiae antibody in 4/4 animals tested. Similarly, the injection of two lactating Holsteins with the anti-id resulted in the production of anti- S. agalactiae antibody in serum and milk. In both rats and cattle, the administration of the antigen-mimicking anti-idiotype induces the appearance of S. agalactiae-reactive horseradish peroxidase-streptavidin conjugate; LHRBs, interspecific bovine x mouse hybridomas secreting bovine Ig; LHRAID.X, monoclonal anti-bovine idiotype antibodies derived against LHRB 19.17; PBS, phosphate buffered saline; PBS/BSA, PBS containing 0.1% bovine serum albumin: antibody [AB3] that competes with LHRB 19.17 [AB1] for binding to LHRAID 2.71 [AB2]. It should also be noted that the immunization of C/D rats with S. agalactiae does not result in the appearance of idiotypes which compete with LHRB 19.17 for binding to LHRAID 2.71. We have concluded that immunization of two widely divergent species with the antigen mimicking LHRAID 2.71 induced a S. agalactiae-reactive idiotype which was not detectable in the immune response of rats to S. agalactiae.
Alternate JournalDev. Comp. Immunol.