Nuno Carreiro

Nuno Carreiro, MS, DVM

Senior Lecturer

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427Y ISB

Mailing address: 

661 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003

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D.V.M.  Colorado State University 2007
M.S. UMass Amherst 2002
B.S. UMass Amherst 2001
A.S. Stockbridge School of Agriculture 1998


ANIMLSCI 101 - Intro to Animal Science - lab instructor 
ANIMLSCI 103 - Intro to Animal Management, lab instructor 
ANIMLSCI 382 - Small Animal Nursing
ANIMLSCI 382L - Small Animal Nursing Lab
ANIMLSCI 455 - Research Animal Management I
ANIMLSCI 456 - Research Animal Management II
ANIMLSCI 494OH - IE - One Health
NESA Advisor

Teaching Interests

Laboratory Animal Management

One Health: People

Animals and the Environment 

Clinical Interests: General Medicine and Surgery

Teaching Philosophy Statement

The Academic Veterinarian” is a career-focused podcast that seeks to educate and support pre-college and undergraduate students pursuing a career in the field of veterinary and animal science. Special guests share insights and expertise within their area of interest.