Amy J. Rubin

Amy Rubin, DVM


Veterinary Technology Program Director

she, her, hers



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661 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003

D.V.M. 2005 - The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine
B.S. 2001 - UMass Amherst


ANIMLSCI 105 - Introduction to Veterinary Technology
ANIMLSCI 115 - Large Animal Clinical Nursing

Teaching Interests

UMass Amherst Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology.
The Veterinary and Animal Sciences department at UMass Amherst is now adding a Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Technology to its current nationally and internationally known majors, starting in the academic year 2020-21. Students applying to UMass Amherst can choose from the BS-Vet Tech, BS-Animal Science (Animal Management, Biotechnology and Equine Science concentrations) and BS-Pre-Veterinary Science degree programs. The BS-Vet Tech program provides students with the opportunity to spend two years at the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus learning in state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and farms, followed by two years near Boston in the dedicated Veterinary Technology facility at the UMass Amherst-Mt. Ida campus in Newton, Massachusetts. Students graduating from UMass Amherst’s BS-Vet Tech program will be prepared for a career as a veterinary technologist in veterinary medicine or biomedical research. Application to UMass Amherst is through the Common App for non-binding Early Action and Regular Decision deadlines.

Veterinary Technology Major

Freshman year - Fall Semester at UMass Amherst Campus

     ANIMLSCI 105 and 105L  Introduction to Veterinary Technology, Lecture and Lab   4
     BIOLOGY 151  Introduction to Biology I   4
     MATH 104  Pre-Calculus   3
     General Education Class/DU or DG   4
     First Year Freshmen Seminar or RAP   1
       Credits 16

Freshman year - Spring Semester at UMass Amherst Campus

     ANIMLSCI 197F and 197FL Veterinary Clinical Nursing I, Lecture and Lab 4
     BIOLOGY 152/153  Introduction to Biology II with lab  5
     CHEM 111   General Chemistry I with lab  4
     ENGLWRIT 112  English Writing  3
       Credits 16

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester at UMass Amherst Campus

     ANIMLSCI 220  Anatomy & Physiology with lab   4
     ANIMLSCI 260  Animal Welfare with discussion - Gen Ed SI   4
     CHEM 112   General Chemistry II with lab   4
     STATISTC 240 or STATISTC 111 - or RES-ECON 212   4
       Credits  16

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester at UMass Amherst Campus

      ANIMLSCI 115 and 115L  Large Animal Clinical Nursing Lecture and Lab  4    
      ANIMLSCI 285 Cellular & Molecular Biology   3
      ANIMLSCI 397K Veterinary Microbiology Essential Skills 1
      ANIMLSCI 366 Veterinary Microbiology Lab   2
      General Education Class   4
        Credits 14

Junior Year - Fall Semester at UMass Mt. Ida Campus, Newton

     ANIMLSCI 415 and 415L Clinical Nursing Lecture and Lab  4
     ANIMLSCI 435  Veterinary Pharmacology  3
     ANIMLSCI 475 Veterinary Pathology  3
     ANIMLSCI 297V Anatomy lab for Vet Tech majors  2
     General Education Class  4
        Credits 16

Junior Year - Spring Semester at UMass Mt. Ida Campus, Newton

     ANIMLSCI 465 and 465L Diagnostic Imaging Lecture and Lab  4
     ANIMLSCI 485 and 485L Small Animal Anesthesia and Surgery Lecture and Lab  4
     ANIMLSCI 425 and 425L Parasitology Lecture and Lab  4
     NATSCI 387 CNS Junior Writing   3

Senior Year - Fall Semester at UMass Mt. Ida Campus, Newton

    ANIMLSCI 494V  Gen Ed-IE-Critical Thinking & Problem Solving in Veterinary Medicine 3
    ANIMLSCI 405 Veterinary Management  3
    ANIMLSCI 455V and 455VL Laboratory Animal Medicine and Management I Lecture and Lab  3
    ANIMLSCI 333 Equine, Cattle and Companion Animal Nutrition  3
    ANIMLSCI Elective - ANIMLSCI 397N Exotics or ANIMLSCI 497V Clinical Behavior,  3
      Credits 12/15

Senior Year - Spring Semester at UMass Mt. Ida Campus, Newton

     ANIMLSCI 492V Senior Seminar  1
     ANIMLSCI 498V Internship at Veterinary Clinic or Research Animal Facility 12
     ANIMLSCI 456V Lab Animal Medicine or ANIMLSCI 397N Exotics,  2/3