YOUR CONTRIBUTION will help to ensure to the success of the Massachusetts Equine Reproduction Services.

The demand for clinically assisted reproduction services in the horse industry is increasing nationwide. Improvement and development of new techniques for assisted reproduction in horses in the last decade has made it possible to restore, at least partially, adequate fertility for otherwise infertile mares.

Important horse breed associations have amended their breeding policies to include the acceptance of registering foals born as a result of the use of assisted reproductive techniques, including artificial insemination with frozen semen, embryo transfer and oocyte transfer. These horse breed associations will also allow for the first time in 2003 the registering of foals conceived to one dam but born to surrogate mothers, thus eliminating the registry limit of one foal per mare per year.

Taken together, these measures will certainly impact the use of equine assisted reproductive techniques. We believe that there is a critical mass of researchers in the area of equine reproduction that can engage in clinical and research work to use and improve these emerging technologies, benefiting both the Massachusetts horse industry as well as the professional formation of graduating students from the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences at UMass.

We would appreciate donations of horses registered as Hanoverians or Dutch Warmbloods to build a teaching, breeding and research herd. YOUR CONTRIBUTION to these goals would be very much appreciated. Please contact:

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