Equine Reproductive Services

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive breeding and reproductive care for your horse with our reproductive specialist, theriogenologist Dr. Carlos Gradil.

Our Equine Reproductive Services include:

  •  Breeding management of mares
  •  Fertility evaluation of mares
  •  Twin reduction in mares
  •  Stallion services and embryo transfer
  •  Innovative Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) used to modulate the reproductive cycle

Why give horses pharmaceuticals to control estrus behavior, when they can produce their own progesterone? Inert IUDs - not coated with any drugs - cause a state of pseudo-pregnancy – absence of estrus = good behavior - in the mare for extended periods of time.

Our innovations continue with Dr. Gradil’s development of a novel IUD. The IUD self-assembles into a triangular shape and once inserted it stays in place. With its small size both insertion and removal are very easy.   Its presence in the uterus can be monitored externally using a portable metal detector - similar to the ones used at airports. At the end of the performance season, the magnetic IUD can easily be retrieved from the uterus using a magnetic wand.

Note: For convenience, breeding soundness examination of mares or stallions with infertility problems should be scheduled on specified days at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.


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