Jordan Messier Selected for Scanlon Award

Jordan Messier  Alice Newth

VASCI is proud to congratulate Jordan Messier as a 2023 recipient of the Gerald F. Scanlon Student Employee of the Year Award! The award was instituted in the 1987-88 academic year with the intent of recognizing and honoring students who have demonstrated outstanding performance by contributing their time and/or skill to help the university achieve its goals and objectives. The Scanlon Award Committee selected this year’s recipients from a strong list of on- and off-campus nominations.

Jordan’s nominators and supervisors, Alice Newth and Steph Puro told the award committee that they felt Jordan Messier exceeds the necessary qualifications for the Scanlon Student Employee of the Year Award. They also shared that Jordan is very observant, and her ideas and suggestions are thoughtful.  She has exceptional leadership and collaboration skills, and the ability to employ new techniques and concepts.

Jordan always comes to work early and leaves late. She keeps up with the constantly changing feeding and management instructions for the multiple animal groups. She thoroughly reviews medical records before treating an animal. She can identify a potential safety hazard for animals and address it independently. She shows great initiative at taking on a difficult task. Jordan is willing to do the dirty work of dusting the spider webs in the loft or shoveling snow. She comes to the barn frequently after hours to monitor ewes and newborns, answers calls from her peers when they have questions, volunteers to take on extra bottle-feeding shifts or stays extra hours to care for a sick animal, and coaches less-experienced students.

As a lead Teaching Assistant, she helps organize the syllabus, creates and delivers outstanding presentations on her topic, teaches hands-on weekend activities and makes up quizzes and practicals. Her writing is smooth and well organized, and her presentations are engaging, interesting and informative. Other students go to her for answers about classes and animal skills.

Jordan plans to attend the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and become a veterinarian.

Watch Jordan's video.