VASCI Students Provide Veterinary Care to a Herd of Feral Horses

students at Chicnoteague, Virginia

This past semester a group of animal science students traveled to Chincoteague, Virginia with Dr. Nuno Carreiro and helped provide veterinary care to a feral herd of horses. Enjoy a short  video from the trip.

Students assisted in providing health care to a feral population of ponies on Assateague National Park located on the eastern shore of Virginia. The Chincoteague Pony herd is owned by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company and is made up of approximately 150 adult ponies. Every spring, the pony herd is rounded up for routine health care. Students are involved in preparing and administering vaccinations and deworming. Students also observe the record keeping process for the herd: photographing, micro-chipping and tagging each individual in the herd. Additionally, blood will be drawn to test for Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins Test) by other members of the veterinary team.  Wound care and hoof care are also provided by the veterinary team as needed.