VASCI Researchers Retreat

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The 2024 VASCI Researchers' Retreat will be held at the Sturbridge Host Hotel, 366 Main Street, Sturbridge, Massachusetts 01566 on Thursday, May 30th, 2024 starting at 9 am. Pre-Registration required.

Keynote Speakers will be

Adrian Erlebacher, MD, PhD
University of California San Francisco

The Erlebacher lab explores how tissue development in the mouse uterus influences immune responses, particularly during pregnancy. They investigate immune protection mechanisms for the fetus and placenta, alongside parallels with tumor microenvironments, shedding light on pregnancy disorders and cancer immunology.


David Pépin, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard

The Pépin lab focuses on translational research in ovarian cancer, particularly targeting chemoresistant recurrences. They've demonstrated AAV9 gene therapy vectors' efficacy in delivering biologics for long-term treatment using patient-derived xenograft models, mimicking standard care and personalized treatment. These promising strategies are currently in pre-clinical development.