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Study to Examine Why Some Breastfeeding Moms Struggle with Milk Supply

UMass Amherst researchers led by Kathleen Arcaro, professor of veterinary and animal sciences, have been awarded a $3.3 million NIH grant to analyze impacts of mammary gland permeability.

Carlos Gradil has invented an IUD for Horses

Dr. Carlos Gradil of the Veterinary and Animal Sciences Department, has invented an intrauterine device for horses who experience extreme symptoms during their heat cycle.

Kathleen Arcaro featured as Spotlight Scholar

Kathleen Arcaro, professor in the UMass Amherst Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, has been featured as a Spotlight Scholar for October 2023.

Dr. Arcaro named 2023-2024 ADVANCE Faculty Fellow

Congratulations to Kathleen Arcaro, PhD., Dr. Arcaro has been named a 2023-2024 ADVANCE Faculty Fellow.

In Memoriam

Bernard Hilton, retired 32 year UMass Farm Superintendent passed away September 16, 2023.

In Memoriam

Bernard Lee Hilton, 32 year retired UMass Farm Superintendent passed away September 16.

Researchers at UMass Amherst Show How a Small Strand of RNA is Key to Fighting Cancer

The Pobezinsky Lab's research has been published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications.

Graduate Seminar Series Fall 2023

The Animal Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences (ABBS) Graduate Program announces the Fall 2023 Seminar series.

Jessica Price '23 Awarded MLK Fellowship

Jessica Price has been awarded the Martin Luther King Fellowship at Northeastern University.

Zn2+ is Essential for Ca2+ Oscillations in Mouse Eggs

Members of the Fissore Lab have released new research on the effects of zinc ion deficiency and excess on the periodical release of calcium ions, known as calcium oscillations.

VASCI Coin War benefits Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center

The VASCI Climate Advisory Committee is proud to highlight that members of the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences worked together to raise $410 for the Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center run by Tom Ricardi in Conway, Massachusetts.

2023 Scholarship Awards

The Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences is pleased to announce the 2023 Scholarship Awards.