Graduate Research Faculty

Dominique Alfandari - Embryo development, Craniofacial development, Cell migration, Cell-extracellular environment interaction

Kathleen Arcaro - Breast cancer risk assessment, DNA methylation and somatic mutations in milk of women with germline BRCA mutations

Wei Cui - Mammalian oocyte, Mammalian preimplantation embryo, CRISPR/Cas9, Knock-out, Knock-in

Rafael Fissore  - Reproduction, Fertilization, Calcium, Egg Activation, Embryo culture, Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Ca2+ channels, Ca2+ homeostasis, Spermtazoa, Oocyte

Joseph Jerry - Breast cancer genetics, Hormonal carcinogenesis

Jesse Mager - Developmental Biology, Epigenetics, Lineage specification, Preimplantation, Gastrulation,
Early lethal genes

Lisa Minter - T cell signaling and differentiation, Cell-based therapies, Autoimmunity

Leonid Pobezinsky - Anti-tumor immune responses, Differentiation of T killer cells, Adaptation of the immune system, Non-coding RNAs in immunity

Alissa Rothchild - Alveolar macrophages, Innate immunity, Host-pathogen interactions, Lung biology, Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Janice Telfer - Gamma delta T cells, SRCR pattern recognition receptors in the evolution of the immune response from sea urchins to humans, Vaccine design against global emerging zoonotic pathogens 

Kimberly Tremblay - Organogenesis, Embryo development and growth factor signaling

Pablo Visconti - Assisted reproductive technologies (ART), Sperm signaling and metabolism,
Male Contraception, Testis-specific kinases which are involved in sperm development and function