Mayuri Chelkar

Graduate Student - ABBS

Mayuri completed a bachelor’s degree at Mumbai Veterinary College in 2018 and a master’s degree in Veterinary Pathology at Nagpur Veterinary College in 2020. During her graduate studies, Mayuri studied the ameliorative Effect of Mentha, and Aloe Vera gel in polycystic ovary conditions (POC) in rats wherein PCOS was induced in female Swiss Albino rats by oral administration of Letrozole. The results revealed the increased efficacy of Mentha leaves hydroethanolic extract enhanced with Aloe Vera gel to treat POC with standard treatment control rats. Mayuri also participated in a study of the viral pathogen of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBDV) wherein real-time and conventional PCR was used for assessing the cytokine expression, which revealed that the cytokines played a crucial role in driving cellular immune responses during the acute phase of IBDV infection. She has studied the anticancer activity of Tinospora cordifolia extract in murine fibrosarcoma. This involved the xenografting of fibrosarcoma tumor in C3H mice and evaluating the antitumor efficacy of the extract combined with paclitaxel with standard antibiotic (paclitaxel) control. Additionally, Mayuri has participated in multiple internships in animal clinics and pathology laboratories to gain industrial experience in veterinary diagnosis and treatments. After working on multiple veterinary science projects, she feels she is ready to take the next step in developing her career in this field. Mayuri believes that lab rotations in Dr. Tremblay’s lab and Dr. Arcaro’s lab will assist her in gaining more exposure and experience and help her hone her scientific acumen and technical skills to become an independent scientist.