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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion—Climate Advisory Committee

Seminars and Events

IALS Core Facilities

Shared Departmental Equipment

ISB Room 064

ISB 068A Developer

ISB 068B BSL2+ ROOM / Eppendorf 5810R Centrifuge

A list of departmental equipment is available upon request via email.

ISB Parking Spaces

Faculty members can check availability and make reservations for the VASCI Delivery parking spaces.

Parking permits for VASCI Delivery space are available outside in the hall across from ISB 427A. Permits must be visibly displayed on your vehicle's dashboard when using these reserved parking spaces.

ISB Conference Rooms, other Department Space, Hadley Farm Shuttle

VASCI faculty, staff and students can check the availability below of ISB Conference Rooms 427L & 427R and the Reception Area.  To reserve one of these spaces, please email Lisa West and Mary Schneider. Include the following in your request:

Date of event:
Event name:
Number of people expected:
Beginning time:
End time:
If event repeats, please note how often.
When your room is booked, you will receive a confirmation email.



AgAnnex Space


Hadley Farm Space




Hadley Farm Shuttle