ANIML SCI H521 - Physiology of Reproduction Honors Colloquium

The Honors Colloquium (ANIMLSCI H521) is a one credit add-on to ANIMLSCI 521.

Comparative aspects of anatomy, embryology, endocrinology, and physiology of reproduction and lactation.

This course covers in depth the most recent cellular and molecular findings related to mammalian fertilization as well as the technical and ethical issues associated with the application of newly developed assisted reproductive technologies such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and cloning of animals.  The application of these technologies is discussed whether it applies to animals of agricultural importance, wildlife, or humans.  In addition, students are required to select a subject from one of the discussed topics in the class.  This subject of choice must be then thoroughly researched followed by a 15 minute presentation towards the end of the course.  Students will be graded based on class participation as well as the content and style of the presentation of the selected topic.


Semester(s) offered: