ANIML SCI H332 - Basic Animal Nutrition and Feeding Honors Colloquium

The Honors Colloquium (ANIMLSCI H332) is a one credit add-on to ANIMLSCI 332.

A detailed study of macro and micro nutrients, their digestion, absorption and metabolism by various domesticated animal species for maintenance and production. Introduction to feeding programs. The honors colloquium builds upon the concepts of nutrient digestion, absorption, and metabolism taught in ANIMLSCI 332. This class is taught as a seminar course. Each student is expected to select a paper from a recent (within 5 years) peer-reviewed research publication for presentation to the class. The selected paper must have some direct connection to the subject of nutrition. The rationale for specific experimental methods and statistical models used in each paper are explored by the instructor. Students must also register for a lab section.

Semester(s) offered: 

Prereq: ANIMLSCI 220 or by permission of the instructor