ANIML SCI H260 - Animal Care and Welfare Honors Colloquium

The Honors Colloquium (ANIMLSCI H260) is a one credit add-on to ANIMLSCI 260.

An introduction to the moral and ethical theories of animal rights and welfare as they pertain to farm animals.  Exploration of the history of animal welfare and assessment of the animal rights and welfare movement today.  Special attention given to the economic, ethical, and welfare aspects of current animal husbandry practices.

Students will examine and discuss current research methods, procedures, and experimental design through a series of weekly seminar-based presentations. Each student will be required to lead one weekly discussion with a partner. As the discussion leader, students will be expected to select an animal welfare or animal behavior-related paper from a recent (within 5 years) peer-reviewed research publication to present to the class. The student presenters and the instructor will explore the rationale for specific experimental methods and statistical models used in each paper. In addition, key points of interest and/or controversy about the topic will be discussed. When a student is not leading the discussion, he/she will be expected to actively participate by offering his or her own comments, critiques, and questions.

Students must also register for a discussion section. Science Interdisciplinary Gen Ed.

Semester(s) offered: 

with discussion section