ANIML SCI 398D - Service Dog Training

Students interested in enrolling to foster a service dog in training must complete an application on the Diggity Dogs Service Dogs website at Students must attend classes at the Diggity Dogs Training Center in Greenfield, MA, complete weekly training logs, submit video homework weekly and participate in monthly individual classroom assessments with the dog in their care. (Students must have/secure their own transportation or carpool with another student.) Interested students are encouraged to attend an in person orientation at Diggity Dogs’ Training Center, which are held twice each semester on Sundays at 2pm on the first and last week of classes. (Specific dates are posted each semester and can be found on the aforementioned Foster Application website page.). Any students with additional questions can contact Diggity Dogs Service Dogs via email at: apply2foster [at]

A two semester commitment for enrollment in the class is requested. Alternatively, students can apply to be relief fosters or do internships. This class is designed to provide students with an understanding of canine communication, health, handling and development, and hands-on experience in training psychiatric, medical assist/alert, and mobility assistance service dogs. Diggity Dogs contracts with a breeder who provides dogs to be trained; when you enroll you will be assigned a dog. This course requires a serious commitment of time and effort that involves fostering and training a dog. Fostering entails that the dog lives with you, you are responsible for feeding, training and care, and that the dog accompanies you to most, but not necessarily all, of the places you go. Other expenses such as veterinary care are covered by Diggity Dogs Service Dogs. Diggity Dogs will work with you to provide respite care as necessary (i.e. exam periods). Because these dogs are service dogs in training, they can legally live in the dorms and go places that other dogs are banned from going..

Course instructors, Dr. Telfer and Dr. Burnside will coordinate enrollment of approved fosterers in the class with the director of Diggity Dogs Service Dogs, Sarah Meikle.

Letter to faculty explaining rights and responsibilities

Amy Burnside
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