ANIML SCI 335 - Conservation and Veterinary Medicine in Belize

This is a travel course offered in collaboration with the Center for Engaged Learning Abroad (C.E.L.A.) Belize. Students in the course travel to Belize for 10 days over Winter Break. Additionally, the class meets on a normal course schedule on campus during the Fall semester.

The course provides an introduction to the wildlife of Belize, selected wildlife conservation projects in Belize, and the role of veterinary professionals in these conservation efforts. The course also provides exposure to the practice of veterinary medicine in Belize as it relates to pet and farm animal species. Students will participate in service learning via the planning and implementation of a free Wellness/Spay/Neuter Clinic for small animal species in a local village and via travel to local farms to provide veterinary services for livestock.  Additionally, the course will expose the student to cultural and historical aspects of Belize.  Students will develop an awareness of cultural diversity through pre-departure preparations and in the course of their experiences while in Belize.  

A current passport is required for travel to Belize. Students in this course are required to be current on vaccination against Rabies and Covid-19. Students should consult with their own doctors and/or a travel clinic well in advance of travel to determine what other appropriate vaccinations and preventative medications they will receive. Students should also review the websites for the Center for Disease Control ( and the U.S. Department of State ( for information on other vaccinations and preventative medications recommended by these organizations as well as other valuable safety information.

Students interested in taking this course should apply through the UMass Amherst International Programs Office in April prior to registration for the course for the subsequent Fall semester. Payment by each student of course-related costs is required. This payment covers the bulk of the student's travel and activity expenses and is paid directly to the IPO after acceptance to the course.  Additional expense while traveling is limited to payment for some meals and any personal expenditures elected by the students.


Semester(s) offered: